No doubts, we want our little friends to have only the best. But sometimes it appears too difficult for us to satisfy our pickiest pets, and choosing everyday essentials like a collar can become a great issue. It seems that every pet parent has experienced unstoppable dog collar changing because the pet doesn`t like any of the chosen items. A sweet pooch struggles to paw it, bite it, tear it off, and scratches a neck…And a walk becomes a disaster. Sounds familiar, doesn`t it.

For this reason, we should remember that nothing will help a dog love the collar when it`s not comfortable. The hardware directly affects its functionality and convenience.

The modern market of dog supplies offers a huge range of alternatives for any taste, and, no surprise, but metal ID tags are the most common hardware when it comes to relatively cheap production.

With time-tested experience and pure love for our furry friends, I`ve come to the conclusion that ID tags should be replaced with a more effective alternative.

Silent nameplates have appeared to be a functional addition to the dog collar: 

  • Quality. Most ID tags are made of second-rate materials like metal or even plastic what results in rapid wear-off. In contrast, I offer only stainless steel nameplates that will last for good. Besides, stainless steel nameplates are less prone to corrosion, and the engraved text on them will remain clearly visible much longer.
  • Absence of noise. Being riveted to the leather surface, a nameplate doesn`t clang when a dog enjoys active walks or pursuing the tail. With a nameplate, a difference will be considerable and noticeable, especially at nights.
  • Less possibility of losing. Sniffing all around, a dog can hook a tag on branches and lose it. Also, a tag gets dirty all the time. Unlike ID tags, nameplates are securely fit to the collar with rivets so they are less disposed to dirt and more seldom lost.
  • Comfort. Attaching an ID tag presupposes an additional ring that may bother a dog or pull the fur. Besides, a nameplate is securely fixed with rivets so it won`t go around the collar. It also doesn`t bother a dog while running or sleeping, and especially the nameplate is extremely useful for small dog breeds, as it doesn`t dangle between the legs, hanging down almost to the ground. Once, I witnessed the situation when two little dogs, wearing a collar with a metal ID tag, got clung together over the tag ring during a lively game. A stainless steel nameplate prevents such accidents.
  • Smart style. Complemented with a stainless steel nameplate, dog collars look neat and cute. Offered in a range of shapes, a nameplate is the best option for enhancing a pet`s look.
  • More space for customization. A nameplate is of a wide shape which gives more space for engraving essential info like pet`s name and parent`s phone number.








There`s a rich choice of customization options for a nameplate – choose a shape of it and/or a carved symbol.

name plate designs

Feel free to share your experience – does your doggo like nameplates more than ID tags? I`d be glad to get your photos with customized god collars!