Just in case, you`ve ever thought what is the rule of thumb for achieving success, consider this easy formula

Come up with an idea ⇒ put it down ⇒ try to fulfill it ⇒ try again ⇒ and again ⇒ enjoy your success!

Many psychologists state that when you write your idea down, you`re already halfway to its realization. The explanation is quite simple: the idea is now visualized, not abstract. So, you unconsciously strive to make it come true clearly and objectively analyzing the deadlines, obstacles, additional assistance you may face on your way to the desired result.

A brilliant thought suddenly crossed your mind, but oh dear!  No place to put it down, and, while looking for that, the Muse has faded. A journal notebook is designed to help you out when inspiration suddenly hits. Write, draw, sketch, outline, draft, compose, doodle. Dream, plan, create, pioneer, or just release your emotions after a bad day – do whatever you want and don`t think of your age `cause that`s your personal space of imagination. Write it all about like no one`s watching. It`s always at hand, and even, when trying to fall asleep, you`re suddenly hit on a fabulous idea, a notebook is right there for you to securely hold your genius thoughts. And definitely you won`t forget them till the morning.

No doubts, all we take favor of modern high-tech planners but personally, I`m crazy about crossing items from my to-do, to-have, to-go, to-read lists with a pen.

Notebooks are versatile daily assistants that are perfect for all people:

  • a student for taking notes of lectures
  • a mom or granny for keeping new cool recipes
  • a secretary for noting important messages for boss
  • a teenager for keeping a diary
  • a responsible worker for attentive recording all meetings agenda
  • a beginning or a professional poet for writing down marvelous (or not) poems

It also makes a great gift for your beloved person – just write down some compliments or love confession to melt his or her heart.

Such precious daily essentials need great protection. We`re glad to produce leather journal covers for your space of ambition. Consider that these leather covers perfectly fit most popular notebook brands like Moleskine, Leuchtturm, Field Notes, Hobonichi.

Moleskine  is an Italian company producing high-quality journals that come with blank, ruled, dotted, squared pages. Think of your daily needs and choose between hard- or soft-covered notebooks, a range of sizes (XS, pocket, M, L, XL, 2XL, A4), and smart colors (black, blue, brown, yellow, red, green).

These useful everyday companions stand out with the following features:

leather moleskine cover

    • page with “In case of loss” notice
    • tabbed sections
    • essential travel info
    • stickers for agenda customizing
    • ribbon bookmark
    • elastic closure
    • rounded corners
    • inner back pocket for loose notes, tickets
    • ivory-colored, acid-free, and water-resistant paper
    • the hardcover, even for the smallest sizes

Leuchtturm is a German brand. At first sight, you can say that it`s similar to Moleskine but it`s not quite so. First of all, price is the most vivid difference between them – a German daily assistant is considerably cheaper. But it doesn`t affect its quality. Besides, regard the main features that differentiate Leuchtturm from Moleskine:

leather leuchtturm cover

           •table of content


           •ink-proof paper

           •option to get two ribbon bookmarks instead of one

      Just like Moleskine, this notebook also boasts:

           •acid-free paper

           •elastic band

           •expandable back pocket

           •stickers for labeling


Leuchtturm journals are available in 4 formats: Master, Medium, Pocket, and Reporter pocket.

For both Moleskine and Leuchtturm, we enhance covers with a comfy cut for an elastic band and easy access to the back pocket.

Field Notes  is an American manufacturer of daily planners. I`d say that these notebooks are a manifestation of a super minimalistic approach. Nothing extra – craft theme cover bound to stiff page sheets and rounded corners.

leather field notes cover




It`s extremely compact (3.5"x5.5" (89x140 mm)) that can fit any bag but hold as many thoughts as you need (48 pages). Leather covers for Field Notes are complemented with a range of slots for credit cards, a pen loop, and a durable snap closure.

Interestingly, Field Notes is a pioneering company in producing notebooks for left-handed people.




Hobonichi is a Japanese notebook producer. These journals contain mostly squared pages that limit your needs, yet recently, the company has introduced a new collection of blank notebooks. Multi-colored sections for your different topics are a surprising organizational solution. Hobonichi notebooks feature extremely thin pages which appear to be not ink-proof and not water-resistant.

Personally, I find it so inconvenient to take notes among endless Japanese hieroglyphs without English translation.

leather hobonichi cover




At the current moment, a functional  cover  for this notebook's brand is being designed.







And what do you need a notebook for?