Leather Accessories For Cats

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  1. Breakaway Cat CollarBreakaway Cat Collar
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    Breakaway Cat Collar
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    As low as $5.59 Regular Price $13.98
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Quality And Comfort First

All Hidemont accessories for cats are made of ISO-complying leather. The soft natural leather finish means the collars don't stretch or irritate the skin. The unique accessories for cats with durable hardware guarantee lightweight wear which makes them ideal for kittens and adult cats that aren't used to wearing collars. Read on about a few tips on how to train your cat to wear a collar.

Choose The Collar To Fit Your Cat

For active explorers, breakaway cat collars are the best accessories for cats as they unclasp if cats get caught on something. These come with a solid breakaway buckle, adjustment slide, leather bow tie, and engraved ID tag.

A classic leather cat collar with a belt buckle works better for more peaceful cats that don't tend to get into trouble. It provides easy adjustment and strap end fixating for a comfortable fit. Cat collars with an engraved silent nameplate are the perfect accessories for pets as they make no noise while keeping the important info.

Learn more about how to choose a cat collar.

Special Accent For Your Special Cat

Personalized leather cat collars come with ID tags and nameplates in different designs to underline the special nature of your cat. Stainless steel nameplates and ID tags are laser-engraved, which means they are more resistant to corrosion and letter scratching. Enjoy a comprehensive overview of laser engraving on metal.

What are the best accessories for cats?

Cat collars made of genuine leather are the best accessories for cats. The soft finish provides a lightweight, comfortable fit, long-lasting wear, and luxurious design. Find unique accessories for cats on Hidemont.

What are the accessories required for a cat?

Personalized leather cat collars with engraved ID tags and nameplates are a must for mischievous cats. For safety reasons, they keep important info like the cat's name, your phone number, or info about microchipping engraved. Check Hidemont's collection of handmade accessories for cats with engraved ID tags and nameplates.

How can I make my cat feel special?

Nothing speaks of your love for a kitty louder than the best accessories for cats in bright colors. They prove you care for the comfort and safety of your pet. A custom leather cat collar with an ID tag or nameplate in cute designs will underline the fabulous character of your feline.

What cat products are in high demand?

Quality leather cat collars are the most comfortable and adorable accessories for cats, tested to last for many years. They don't fray or stretch. If the leather is cleaned and treated in a proper way, the accessories for pet cats will remain reliable for a longer time.