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    Breakaway Cat Collar
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    As low as $5.59 Regular Price $13.98
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Quality And Comfort In Every Detail

All Hidemont breakaway leather cat collars are made of ISO-complying leather. The soft natural leather finish means the breakaway leather cat collar doesn't stretch or irritate the skin. The collars with solid hardware provide a lightweight design which makes them ideal for kittens and adult cats that aren't used to wearing collars. Read on a few tips on how to train your cat to ear a collar.

Safety Comes First

For active outdoor explorers, breakaway leather cat collars are the safest option, as they unclasp under pressure to prevent choking. Featuring a quality slide frame, the leather breakaway cat collars can be easily adjusted for a fast-growing kitten, ensuring a comfortable and lightweight fit. Learn more about how to choose a cat collar.

Special Accent For Your Special Cat

Hidemont breakaway cat collars are adorned with a matching leather bow tie. Super cute, a breakaway leather cat collar with a bow tie brings class to your pet's look for daily wear and fancy occasions. A bow tie effortlessly moves around the collar length, so it doesn't bother the cat.

A personalized breakaway cat collar comes with ID tags in different designs. Not only do they underline your cat`s unique nature but serve for identification and safety, too. Stainless steel ID tags are laser-engraved, which means you`ve found the best breakaway cat collar with an ID tag, resistant to corrosion and letter scratching. Enjoy a comprehensive overview of laser engraving on metal.

Are breakaway collars safe for cats?

A breakaway leather cat collar is safe for curious outdoor cats, as it undoes when cats get caught on something. This type of cat collar prevents choking and neck injuries. Yet, classic belt buckle leather cat collars are safe for cats that tend to lose their collar.

What type of collar is best for a cat?

A personalized breakaway cat collar with an engraved ID tag or nameplate is a must for curious pets. For safety reasons, it keeps important info like the cat's name and your phone number. Check Hidemont's collection of the handmade best breakaway cat collars with engraved ID tags.

Can cats wear leather collars?

Cat collars made of quality leather are the most comfortable collars for cats, tested to last for years. A genuine leather collar doesn't fray or stretch, and it doesn't gain a bad smell. If the leather is treated in a proper way, the collars will remain reliable for longer. Hidemont offers ISO-complying leather accessories for cats in bright colors to fit every cat.

Is a breakaway collar better?

For active outdoor explorers, a breakaway leather cat collar is the best option, as it unclasps under pressure to prevent choking or neck injuries.