Leather Collars For Dogs

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Quality Natural Materials

Hidemont dog collars are made of ISO-complying leather that features a soft but sturdy texture. Genuine leather dog collars are harmless, non-toxic. Quality, long-lasting material is less likely to stretch or gain a bad smell. Leather dog collars don't irritate the skin or pull the hair. Collars, also, feature quality hardware to be securely attached to leash.

Comfort And Safety

Handmade with attention to detail, Hidemont designer leather dog collars provide safety and comfort. A solid belt buckle ensures easy adjustment, perfect fit, and that the dog won't lose or escape the collar at the most inappropriate moment. The soft, flexible finish of quality leather dog collar guarantees a lightweight design, so that your pet won't even notice it on.

Custom And Convenient Design

A unique leather dog collar with name engraved on a silent stainless-steel nameplate will underline your dog`s character. The nameplates come in different designs and can be laser-engraved with the dog`s name and your phone number. Plus, a custom leather dog collar makes no noise (read more what's the difference between silent nameplates vs ID tags).

Full Personalized Leather Pet Set

Let your dog feel special and loved – pair a personalized leather dog collar with other leather accessories for dogs. Bring much pleasure to walks with a full set:

Is a leather collar better for dogs?
Genuine leather dog collars are the best collars. Leather is the most long-lasting, sturdy but soft material that is less prone to stretching or fraying around the edges. Leather collars for dogs are made of natural, breathable material to offer a lightweight design and prevent skin rubbing or hair pulling. Leather, also, gains a beautiful patina, making your dog feel even much more special.
How to clean leather dog collars?
For proper care, clean the leather with a wet baby wipe (or a clean cotton cloth and a small amount of hand cream). Condition the leather once in 3 months. Please note that leather is a natural, porous product. The contact with water may cause leather dye transfer. If the leather becomes saturated, allow it to air-dry naturally and do not use heat to speed the drying process.
Can dogs have leather collars?
Genuine leather dog collars in bright colors are the best option for pets, small dogs and large dogs, because they provide comfort, safety, and classy look. Leather collars for dogs are perfect for walks and training sessions.
Should dogs wear collars all the time?
Even though Hidemont designer leather dog collar is lightweight and comfortable, your dog shouldn't wear it all the time. It's recommended to put the collar when there is the need for control over the dog. For example, when you're going for a walk and you need to attach the leash to the collar. If your dog tends to escape the backyard, it's better to put the collar on at home, too.