Hardware plays an important role in leather production. In fact, it`s widely used for 3 main purposes: functional – it attaches, fastens, buckles, snaps (for instance, a bag strap is attached to the main bag compartment with D-rings or rivets); aesthetic – it enhances and highlights leather finishing; and identifying – it is used to speak about specific trademark.

I`m eager to use as minimum hardware as possible to underline unique leather properties and do not degrade the authentic leather appearance with excess details.

I tend to choose the optimal size and color (silver, antique, gold) of the hardware so that it doesn`t look blatant but harmonically complement the leather.

Besides, a lot of attention is paid to the process of hardware set – either machine-, or handmade.

While production of leather goods, I use only solid stainless steel  and metal hardware that stands out with the best quality.

Moreover, on all snap buttons and bolt snaps, there is a Hidemont logo.

My leather goods are, mainly, supplemented with the following hardware types:

- Buckle. I prefer traditional belt buckles to those that are easy-pulling to ensure they won`t unbuckle at the most inconvenient moments. The buckle is useful to adjust the length of a strap. It also gives leather goods some traditional, vintage accent. Buckles are used for bags, belts, dog and cat collars.

- D-rings  serve to link two separate leather pieces (good elements), for example to attach straps to the bag compartment. They are more preferable than O-rings because, in the place of fixing, leather is not arched, and thus, the strap will last much longer. They are used not only for bags but also for makeup bags and dog collars.

- Snap (press-stud) closure  is considered to be a reliable detail to secure all your essentials. When being closed, it produces a cool sound Clasp! To be frank, when I need to concentrate on some issue, I have this habit to go non-stop and close-unclose the snap hundreds of times per second:) Has this ever happened to you? Oh, you betcha... Using quality snaps, I assure you it`s easy to close but safe to open. So that it`ll withstand years of use and clasping. You can check their quality on the leather goods such as valet trays, notebook covers, wallets, organizers, and sunglasses cases. For business card holders, however, I apply a small embedded magnet, instead, to complement a laconic business design.

- Bolt snaps  function as basic attachers to D-rings. Being very sturdy, they are mostly used for leather products that presuppose a bigger load or tension like satchels and dog collars and leashes.

- Rivets are the most widespread type of hardware for any product. Despite their small sizes, they are a key detail to link the parts of goods like handles to main compartments, nose bridges to the internal room of sunglasses case, and any other functional components. Rivets give a minimalistic touch to leather goods.

- I`m sure of the quality of zips used for the leather products as they are so smoothly-pulling and long-lasting. That`s crucially important for using makeup bags, totes that we often use every day or take on trips.

- Nameplates are fixed only to dog collars with 2 main purposes: practicality (dog owners can engrave their phone number to be sure of dog`s safety) and style (dog can boast about his fashionable everyday accessory). Besides, nameplates are better than metal ID tags because they do not make noise when the dog is moving.

- I offer a few types of locks that assist in securing your essentials: turn and push locks for bags, and metal snap kiss locks for coin purses.