1. Ordering

1.1 How much does it take for you to produce ordered stuff?


Each leather product is exceptional, and we pay a lot of attention to every detail so that you`ll get the product of the highest quality. Most of our leather goods are handmade. I hope, you agree that`s delicate work. For this reason, production can take up to 3-5 days.

1.2 Can I have a custom size?


Each product is perfectly thought out. Offered sizes are developed to make all products as functional as possible. Unfortunately, I`m not ready to guarantee this with any other sizes.

1.3 Is it okay to make any changes to the order before shipping?


I`d kindly recommend you to check all order details before it`s placed. Each leather product requires terrific effort and time, and the slightest changes to its design affect the production. So, I`m not able to make any changes before shipping. However, life may be so unfair, and bad things may happen. If you`ve noticed any mistake within a few seconds-minutes, please contact me immediately to double-check If the production of the ordered item hasn`t started yet. ONLY in case, it`s so, the order will be updated.

2. Shipping

2.1 What should I do If I`ve got a message that my order has arrived but I haven`t got it yet?


Don`t panic. The most effective way to settle this issue is to address the delivery service. The parcel could be left at the neighboring address or at the backdoor. In case, you`ve got no updates regarding your parcel from the delivery service, contact us, so that we can think of a further solution.

2.2 How long does it take to ship my order to the US?


It depends on the delivery service or delivery type you choose to send your order with. With USPS Express, it takes around 7-10 working days. With DHL, it takes around 5-7 working days. Free shipping to the US takes approximately 14-21 days. Mind that`s a rough estimation that can be affected due to pandemic restrictions as well as delays at the customs. I would kindly recommend you to consider that when ordering a gift for your dearest for some special occasion.

2.3 What delivery services do you cooperate with?


To send your order as quickly and safely as possible, I can rely only on the time-tested delivery services that are known all across the globe. I cooperate with two services that go to any world corner. USPS Express to EU countries will deliver your parcel within 5-7 working days. USPS Express to the US will deliver your parcel within 7-10 working days. DHL service to the EU countries will take 3-5 working days. DHL service to the US will take 5-7 working days. Regard it`s the rough estimation that can be affected due to the pandemic restrictions as well as delays at the customs.

2.4 Can I have free shipping?


Free shipping is offered for the order of $50+.

3. Personalization

3.1 Can I emboss my image?


What`s embossing? It`s a process when etched metal images on the stamps are heated up and branded deep into the leather with up to 3000 pounds force. I`ve developed my own image collection you can see in every listing with an embossing option. Be sure that making a metal stamp with a new pattern takes so much time. Even though I want you to be fully satisfied with a new purchase, I have no chance to emboss your image.

3.2 Can you emboss more letters than is noticed in the listing?


In each listing for a certain leather product, I`ve offered an ideal number of letters. In fact, it depends on the width of each letter that is used for the text. For example, the letter ""W"" takes exactly as much place as three letters ""I"". If you want to emboss a few more letters than is offered in the listing, feel free to contact us to double-check such a posibility.

3.3 Can I ask for another place for personalization than you mention in the description?


With a great desire to make your leather good look as aesthetic as possible, I offer only these places for personalization that you can see in every listing.

4. Leather

4.1 Why does the color differ from which I ordered?


Well, it happens. But don`t think It was a mistake from our side. We always carefully check every order before shipping. If you`ve got a leather good and it has a different shade, there are two reasons for that. First of all, it depends on personal perception of the color – for some people the same shade looks differently. Also, colors can be distorted by a computer screen. I do my best to provide the most faithful palette. And second of all, as far leather is a natural material, it features unique colors, and you cannot find the two leather goods with exactly the same shade. Besides, Crazy Horse ages over time, and some brown shades may differ within time. That`s not a flaw – it`s a chance to get an exclusive leather accessory.

4.2 How can I check the leather is of high quality??


Be sure leather quality is the top priority for me. If you want to check it on your own, you can take favor of the following tips. Smell it – top grain leather has a delightful smell. If you can smell something else like chemicals – that`s most probably not authentic leather. Touch it – top grain leather stands out with a super soft surface. If you feel something odd – that`s not first-class leather. Burn it (just test it on the smallest and the most invisible part of the leather good) – top grain leather shouldn`t get in flame.

4.3 How to take care of leather items?


To ensure your favorite leather item will serve you for good, you should take proper care of it. Regard simple guidance on care for goods made of different types of leather"

4.4 Why does leather shed?


I prefer vegetably-tanned top grain leather processed with organic dyes that originated from oak, chestnut, mimosa, and other plants. That`s an eco-friendly method of leather tanning. Yet, on the first days of wearing a vegetably-tanned leather item, you can notice a slight shedding especially after exposure to water. It proves the leather is authentic. In contrast, chrome-tanned leather doesn`t shed because it`s chemically processed with harmful substances.

4.5 Why does it have marks over time and how can I fix it?


A distinctive feature of Crazy Horse leather is the “vintage texture” of the front surface – that is the feature of getting a variety of scratches, roughness, and scuffs from minor contact with hard objects. If you see scratches on your leather item, it proves that it`s natural. Patina underlines your unique character and gives a story to the leather good. If you don`t like it, you can easily fix it. Just rub the scratched area with your fingertips or a clean, dry cotton cloth with a small amount of a conditioner.

5. Returns and exchanges

5.1 Exchange policy.


All leather goods that you`d like to exchange must be in the original condition ad not damaged (except for the cases the damage is our fault). You should send the item within 14 days from the moment of getting the parcel, pay the shipping, and send us a message with a tracking. When we receive the item back, we`ll check it, and, then, will send a new item with updated details. If there is any price difference, you should pay it as well as the shipping to your address (except for the cases something is wrong due to our mistake). Also, keep in mind that personalized goods CANNOT be exchanged.

5.2 Return policy.


All leather goods that you`d like to return must be in the original condition and not damaged (except for the cases the damage is our fault). You should send the item within 14 days from the moment of getting the parcel, pay the shipping, and send us a message with a tracking. When we receive the item back, we`ll check it, and, then, the refund will be processed. Usually, it takes around 3 days to send money back. Also, keep in mind that personalized goods CANNOT be returned.