The craftsmanship highly depends on the quality materials and craftsmen`s professionalism. It would seem that thread is such an insignificant and unimportant detail. But even the most quality leather will fall apart with unreliable thread.

Having learned the hard way, I use materials only of the best quality, and threads are not an exception. I`d be happy to tell you about thread types I use while producing stunning leather goods for you.

The type of threads is defined by the way of producing – whether the product is machine- or handmade.

For machine-made products, I use Tytan thread 40. Being extremely thin, Tytan thread stands out with

  • exceptional high tensile strength
  • low elongation
  • twist stability
  • excellent resistance to rubbing
  • non-shedding fibers
  • colors are resistant to light, laundering, and chemical factors

I offer a rich choice of thread colors (around 76) to perfectly match with the color of your opted leather.

For handmade products, I use a 0.8 mm waxed cotton cord  that is much stronger than thread. It consists of intertwined thin threads, soaked with wax. The waxed cotton cord features water-resistance.

There`s also a huge palette. Mostly, I select the cord of the same color of the leather but a bit different shade (lighter or darker) so that it looks blatantly and eye-catching. It brings the handcrafted products a special unique accent.


       waxed cotton thread                                


A few words about seams

  • I try to make as few seams as possible
  • All knots are carefully hidden
  • All seams are very sturdy, so even if in one place it`s damaged, it won`t dissolve
  • In places that presuppose a bigger load, we make double seams

For handmade products:

  • I prefer saddle seam
  • First, I punch the leather, and then, seam it with a cord. It makes stitches more reliable


         strong saddle stitching