Mens Belt, Leather Mens Belt, Handmade Leather Belt, Choco Mens Belt, Size M

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This leather men`s belt is designed for smart styles. Accent your daily outfit with hand-stitched genuine leather belt that features burnished edges and a classy buckle. Wide and sturdy, it`s a versatile add-on for your jeans and shorts that ideally fulfills its function. You can easily adjust the length and fix the end strap with a secure loop. Grasp your lucky chance to get a personalized leather belt as a cool gift for any occasion.

  • Material: Full-grain vegetable-tanned leather
  • Waist size: 32” (81 cm); belt length: 34” (86 cm) and width: 1 1/2” (3.8 cm)
  • Vintage solid buckle
  • Belt is shipped in a branded wooden box
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ColorBlack Coffee

The product listing offers different types of leather. Please choose the leather color to proceed with the detailed info about leather.


Make it uniquely yours by adding embossing. Heated etched metal letters (stamps) are branded into the leather to create a neat personalized detail. Check out a stamps palette in specific listings.

The product listing offers different types of leather. Please choose the leather color to proceed with the leather care tips info.

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