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This simple but oh-so practical dog collar is comfy, reliable, and stylish. It`s lightweight and easily adjustable, so that your pooch won`t even notice that while active games. Solid belt buckle ensure easy adjustment, durable D-ring offer safe attaching to a leash, and extra loop fixes the strap end not to irritate your dog. Extremely functional, the collar is complemented with a silent stainless steel nameplate instead of a metal ID tag so you don`t have to go bananas about noisy jingling.

  • Material: double-layered Crazy Horse leather in cute colors
  • 6 sizes – collar width is the same for all sizes – 3/4" (2 cm)
  • Solid belt buckle and in-sewn D-ring; extra loop for strap end fixing
  • Non-toxic stainless steel silent nameplate
  • Collar is recommendable for dogs with a weight of not more than 44 lb (20 kg)

The product listing offers different types of leather. Please choose the leather color to proceed with the detailed info about leather.


Make it uniquely yours by adding embossing. Heated etched metal letters (stamps) are branded into the leather to create a neat personalized detail. Check out a stamps palette in specific listings.

The product listing offers different types of leather. Please choose the leather color to proceed with the leather care tips info.

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Customer Questions
What are the best accessories for dogs?
Accessories made of genuine leather are the best accessories for dogs. Unlike accessories made of nylon or other artificial materials, Hidemont leather dog leashes and collars, poop bag holders, and ball holders are crafted from natural, non-toxic material...
What are the accessories required for a dog?
A leather poop bag holder should be a top choice made by all dog parents conscious about ecology wellbeing. Then, personalized leather dog collars and leashes are an essential addition to daily walks that ensure the dog's safety and better control over...
How can I make my dog special?
Show endless love to your furry friend, getting a full personalized leather pet set built to last. Best leather dog collars and leashes, poop bag holders and ball holders are custom handmade with care and attention to your dog's needs. Every piece can...
What pet products are in high demand?
All dog parents want their pets to feel comfortable, safe, and unbound during walks and training sessions, so quality leather accessories for dogs are in high demand. It's vital to get long-lasting accessories that won't bother the dog and will be convenient...
Is a leather collar better for dogs?
Genuine leather dog collars are the best collars. Leather is the most long-lasting, sturdy but soft material that is less prone to stretching or fraying around the edges. Leather collars for dogs are made of natural, breathable material to offer a lightweight...
How to clean leather dog collars?
For proper care, clean the leather with a wet baby wipe (or a clean cotton cloth and a small amount of hand cream). Condition the leather once in 3 months. Please note that leather is a natural, porous product. The contact with water may cause leather...
Can dogs have leather collars?
Genuine leather dog collars in bright colors are the best option for pets, small dogs and large dogs, because they provide comfort, safety, and classy look. Leather collars for dogs are perfect for walks and training sessions.
Should dogs wear collars all the time?
Even though Hidemont designer leather dog collar is lightweight and comfortable, your dog shouldn't wear it all the time. It's recommended to put the collar when there is the need for control over the dog. For example, when you're going for a walk and...
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