We all have our own priorities in life – career, self-development, recognition, power, popularity, good health.

But family is the single most important thing in our life. It`s the source of the best memories and the source of the worst memories. And whether our relationships are awful, good, or great, we don`t like endings. We don`t like to lose things. And especially, we don`t like to lose things that are important to us. When we`ll think back on our life, and we`re 95 or 100 years old, we`ll look back over the course of our lifetime. We`re not gonna think “I wish I had a better phone…I wish I spent more time on the Internet…I wish I spent more time at work or sleeping…" and all those kinds of things. We`re gonna think “I wish I spent more time with the people I love”     © Dennis Lloyd

Even though it may sound so sentimental, you won`t deny that it`s important to catch as many special moments together as possible. And some little family traditions will help you to do that.


“Sunday is Funday”


Weekends are an ideal time for fun activities that will make your family closer. When the weather pleases you with warm vibes, it`s high time for a picnic in a garden, park, forest, by the lake or sea. Grab your favorite throw rolled with a leather blanket strap and enjoy the beauty and calmness of nature. Featuring easily adjustable straps, a comfy handle, and secure rivets, a blanket carrier will make you feel homey and relaxed. Jazz the day up with ball games, badminton, puzzle set, or a fetch game with a doggo. Recharge your batteries with snacks and soft drinks.

On cold days, take your blanket out of a wardrobe gently rolled with a leather strap, curl up, and make a movie night. Personalize a leather strap to make it a symbol of your time together.

leather blanket strap for family personalized family blanket strap


Also, regard activities you`ve never experienced before. Carting? Bowling? Cupcake master-class? Why not.


“You`re amazing!”


You should never underestimate the power of compliments. For some of us, it can appear rather difficult to express emotions, so putting them down on a piece of paper is the best alternative. Get colorful A5 papers to make heart-warming notes for your dearest and keep them in a leather paper tray so that it`s in one place and in everyone`s sight. It`s made of soft Crazy Horse leather in rich brown shades that`ll be a perfect addition to your apartment. Making lunch for your kids or hubby, stick a lovely cheerful note to a lunchbox “You can do it!” or “Gonna miss you all day. Love, Amy”

When it`s someone`s birthday or Christmas, a leather tray can be a cool place for leaving cards with wishes and sweets.

 leather paper tray family gift paper tray family gift


“Let`s play!”


After a hard day at work or school, let your hair down and gather with the whole family to play your favorite board games like Monopoly, Scrubble, backgammon, Voyages of Marco Polo, etc. Tired of seeking dice? There`s a modern solution for you – a leather dice tray that serves to keep and throw dice in one place. It features a soft but sturdy external side to protect the table from scratching and offer you a stable area for throwing. And also it has a suede internal side so that you`ll not be distracted by this terrible noise of the fallen dice. Coming in a range of sizes, a dice tray provides you as much space as you need to score the triumph. Personalized with your family name, a dice tray will present a nice team name. 

 leather dice tray family gift dice tray family gift


“It`s a plan!”


It happens that the duty to run the house lies on mom – home chores, family holidays, activities, and any ideas how to make the family hearth warmer – but all members should be interested in that. Let your kids feel free to express their ideas, involve you in their hobbies, and learn how to be responsible.

That`s a nice idea to have a family notebook so that each of you can put ideas about what you can do on the weekends, where you can go on vacation, what cuisine to try, how to redecorate a living room, what products to buy, and much other stuff. Keep it on a coffee table near the front doors so that every one of you can see it. Write it, sketch it, organize it during weekdays – check it together on Friday to arrange your weekends.

Get a planner to have a clear vision of your agenda – “Every Friday`s night – time for Mommy and Daddy to go out” “Sunday – family day” “Saturday – cleaning up” or “Wednesday – Chinese food day”

Secure your precious ideas with a leather notepad cover boasting super-duper soft leather. Opt for desired models that differ from the functionality options – snap button, pen loop, slots for credit cards, cut for an elastic band. This stylish accessory serves to withstand even the longest to-do, to-go, to-try, to-give lists.

personalized cover family gift notebook cover family gift


“Say – Cheese!”


Take family photos and not only on special occasions – just for no reason. Keep family albums, put photos in frames.

Wherever you go, have photos of your dearest at hand. Sounds like a great job for a leather photo keychain. It stands out with a stainless steel plate and quality finish to keep your memories for generations. Clip it to your keys, bag strap, belt loop to always reminisce your cherished moments. Get a keychain for each member engraved with your beloved photo and personalize it with the family name to manifest your unity.

 family photo gift gift with family photo


“Travel through life together”


Small or around-the-world trips help to unite. Hit the road in style with a leather passport holder that impresses with functionality and quality.

If you`re a newly-wed couple setting off on a honeymoon, take a chance to start a family life with matching passport covers embossed with your family name. With every year, when your nest grows, enrich your travel experience with new stylish covers so that everyone you meet on your way will know you value the time together.

 passport cover family gift personalized passport cover family gift


“Well done!”


Think of this unusual idea that will not only make your family more organized but also united and thankful. Show your gratefulness for every request – for kids to help with chores, for a husband to fix a tap, for daddy to catch a spider – with a little reward like 25 cents, $1, or even more. Put it to a pebbled leather coin purse complemented with a secure kiss lock. As soon it`s full of your thanks, evaluate the gained budget, and think of what you can spend it on – family visit to the movie, some sweets, a new collar for a doggo, flowers for mommy, or any other pleasant things.

Personalize your family “Thank you” budget so that every guest will see how you all are thankful to each other. 

 personalized coin purse family gift coin purse family gift



   And what traditions are in your family?