Just imagine the situation. You're strolling around, feeling the beauty of nature, enjoying pleasant small talk with your friends, and… oh shoot! Yeap, there it is. You're aware of what's just happened but don't dare to look down. The only thought that crosses your mind "Gosh! I wish those dog owners had put themselves in my shoes!" Seems familiar?

Yet, the issue of cleaning up after dogs isn't just about disgust but also about law-abidance and, what's more crucial, environmental wellbeing. And, all without joking, cleaning up dogs' mess has become a pet peeve of society.

Let's discuss the main reasons why picking up after your furry friends is out of the question.

  1. Aesthetics. For sure, it's a sheer pleasure to have a walk along a neat yard where you don't have to be obsessed with looking underfoot. We don't want to let our hair down in the surrounding that disinclines with this awful smell.
  2. Pollution. If you're sure that dog poop is a great fertilizer, you're wrong. Pet's mess doesn't break down on its own over time (usually, it takes around 12 months to break down). Being not utilized, the poop can be then washed out in drainage systems, contaminating groundwater. Consequently, the quality of water becomes poorer.
  3. Parasites and bacteria. Pets' mess spreads infections and parasites that can stay in the soil for years – E. coli, salmonella, worms, cryptosporidiosis, and other -osis that are hard to read and sound frightening to us. Children playing in the yard are most likely to get infected. When being tempted to skip this nasty procedure, remember that it can protect you, your close people, and your dog, as well as your neighbors from getting ill.

Surely, it's not the most enjoyable activity but every dog's parent should be eco-conscious. Don't walk away pretending that nothing has happened. Don't sneak around in bushes. Be responsible for your pet.

Modern solutions have come so far offering you user-friendly options that will definitely make this daily duty much easier and hassle-free. Use ecological clean-up bags to utilize pet waste.

Besides, our leather dog poop bag holder serves to be a reliable companion for walking in a park, forest, by the sea. A dog poop bag holder boasts sturdy and soft leather that will last for many years. Just refill it – and you're fully geared to the call of nature.

Check out the perks of using a leather dog poop bag holder:

  • You show all dog owners this special "Eww!"-procedure isn't so bad as it seems
  • It's an ultra-modern and stylish solution to make the everyday routine more convenient
  • It's compact but spacious enough to fit the standard-sized bag rolls
  • It allows you to transport bag rolls hands-free by clipping the holder to a belt loop, bag strap, or a leash
  • It features snap buttons (not a zip!) to ensure the bags won't be torn
  • It's crafted of soft quality Crazy Horse leather (not plastic!) to guarantee durability and bring a vintage look over the years of use
  • You're less likely to forget bag rolls at home
  • It's a nice place to store rolls at home
  • It's quality and soft ensuring the years of use


What do you think of the pet owners' responsibility? Have you already experienced using a leather dog poop bag holder?