In our modern world that is moving forward non-stop, we don`t think over such a simple thing – any woman we meet carries a bag. Huge or small, crossbody bag or backpack, black or brown, cheap or expensive. And, indeed, bags have become an integral part of every contemporary lady`s life. They say that behind every successful woman there is a fabulous bag. It`s a must-have for working, studying, traveling, yoga and gym, night outings, hobby.

There`s this special bond between a woman and her bag. It`s eternal, platonic, charming. It`s hard to explain with common words. Our language is rich in eloquent concepts that perfectly describe woman`s feelings that arise when she gets a new Hidemont bag.


Voorpret (Dutch) – refers to pleasurable anticipation and sheer excitement of the future special occasion. You`re most likely to be flushed with this emotion when, after hours, days of choosing, you finally have found the one and clicked “Place order”. All you can think of is what clothes you`ll combine with it, where you`ll take it to, how jealous your BFF will be. And how the whole street will tight their eye to your new leather bag.


Iktsuarpok (Inuit). It`s the state when you`re looking for something/someone to come so much that you`re just like a cat on hot bricks. You`ve got this irresistible desire to check your income box about the order status every second. The desire to look through the window to check if UPS is already on your street. The desire to keep going outside to welcome the delivery service guy and at last get your parcel.


Encandilar (Spanish) literary means to suddenly spot a flash of light. You`ve definitely have experienced it when you unwrap the parcel, open the box, read the Hidemont thankful card – and here it is… The bag is so good that you`re literary blinded, dazzled by this rich brown shade of Crazy Horse leather.


Forelsket (Norwegian) denotes the wave of unbelievable euphoria you`re embraced with when you begin to fall in love. Hidemont bag is love from first sight. Hidemont bag makes you feel butterflies in your stomach.


Wabi-sabi (Japanese). It`s a nice phrase to say that you find beauty in imperfections. Feel the authentic finish of Crazy Horse leather that develops a nice patina (scratches) over time. The patterns that appear on the leather surface after you bend it don`t mean it`s a second-rate material. Crazy Horse leather ages day by day proving it`s a first-class material that underlines its owner`s unique character. And you won`t find any other leather bag that looks exactly the same.


Gigil (Tagalog) is used to describe the overwhelming desire to hug, squeeze, smell – in short, have any physical contact with the person/thing you adore. Perhaps, it has happened to you at least once when your dearest person who you haven`t seen for so long comes to you, and you`re so clingy and cannot stop but keep on cuddling him or her. A leather bag boasts a super soft and delightful finish so that you become addicted – every time you have it in your sight you need to touch, smell, finger it.


Tarab (Arabic) means real ecstasy and enchantment. Having checked every little detail – stitching, color, size, internal and external pockets, hardware, adjustable strap – you see it clear – “Yeap, I`ve made a right decision!” It ideally compliments all your wardrobe, it perfectly fits your needed stuff, it suits your lifestyle, it`s easy to care for. Just what you`ve been looking for the whole life.


Ya`aburnee (Arabic) is used in situations when you want to express your hope that someone/something you adore will outlive you because that`s gonna be unbelievable grief to live without a beloved one. And be sure that a leather bag as a reliable daily companion will serve you for good.


Firgun (Hebrew). Boasting about a new bag to your BFF and highly recommending it, you feel firgun – unselfish joy that something good is about to happen to your friend as well.


Shemomedjamo (Georgian) is an interesting word that means “this food is so good so I haven`t noticed I`ve eaten it all”. Every woman knows what is shemomedjamo – these bags are so stylish, cute, practical, compact, soft so that, without even noticing, – your finger is about to click on the mouse “Place one more order” just on the off chance. One more for mommy, for sister, a gift for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. One more in Espresso color for the whole collection. Oh, right, and a smaller one in the same color. What do you mean by “Sold out”?


Does anything of these seem familiar? ☺