Let's face it, we spend at least a third of our day on the computer. From morning to evening, we work, perform various operations, and participate in online conferences. In the evening, during our leisure time, we read news, watch movies, and play games. Advanced technologies have given us such miracle as the touchpad which was supposed to make the computer mouse obsolete but it still remains a fairly convenient and useful device for working both at a computer and laptop.

Frequent use of the mouse can cause wear and damage to the work area, leading to scuffs, scratches, and faded marks on the table surface. This is particularly crucial if you have invested a significant amount in a custom designer table. Additionally, repeated manipulations with the mouse can negatively impact its sensitivity over time. Therefore, using a mouse pad has been an essential addition to most people’s workspaces since 1968.

In this article, we'll delve into the concept of a mouse pad, exploring its advantages and disadvantages, and providing guidance on choosing the right one to meet your needs. Additionally, we'll introduce you to the leather mats from the Hidemont collection. These are designed to cater to modern professionals working in both office and home settings while also serving as excellent personalized gift options.


Mouse pads: advantages and disadvantages


In general, a mat is considered an indispensable daily accessory for every office or remote worker, gamer, or technology enthusiast who wants to maximize its longevity. Investing in a high-quality mat is something you won't regret in the long run.


  • Desk and mouse protection


The table mat serves as a protective barrier, preventing wear and tear on the table while also safeguarding the mouse from excessive friction. It reduces the risk of dirt, dust, crumbs, and moisture entering the device.


  • A reliable surface for smooth mouse movement


When using the mat, you will notice a significant difference in how the mouse operates. The mat provides an even, smooth, non-slip surface, preventing the mouse from "walking" on a slippery table. This enhances the smoothness and accuracy of mouse movement, eliminating any constant "jumping" of the cursor on the screen and allowing for better performance in tasks requiring precise accuracy, such as image editing.


  • Comfort


Constantly holding the hand in one position for a long time can cause stiffness or pain in the wrist. A mouse pad with a smooth, soft elastic surface helps relieve tension by evenly distributing the load and slightly absorbing vibrations, providing ease of use. Additionally, working on a textured mat is more comfortable for the hand than on a cold table.


  • Desktop organization


We always aim for order in our workflow, as this helpful habit can save valuable minutes. The stylish desktop assistant visually tidies up the table and adds a professional touch to it. It's good to know that not only does a laptop or computer with a keyboard have its place, but also the mouse. By combining leather laptop cases or tech organizers with mouse pads, you can easily highlight your professionalism and refined taste. Also, read more about 6 reasons for getting organized with Hidemont.






How to choose a mouse pad?


Does online shopping pages feel never-ending? Have you browsed through many mouse pad options without finding one you like? Don't let choosing a mouse pad overwhelm you – it's simpler than it seems. We'd love to share some tips on how to choose a mouse pad stress-free. So, what should be your focus when buying a new mouse pad?


  • Mat size


When choosing a mat, consider the size of your desk and your specific needs. The ideal dimensions for easy use and ample mouse maneuvering space range up to 30 cm wide and 25 cm high. A mat of this size is also convenient for carrying without causing surface deformation. For multiple monitor setups, opt for leather desk mats in larger sizes: 30 x 60 cm or 30 x 90 cm. Leather desk mats are especially effective as gaming mats.

All mouse pads in the Hidemont collection are available in standard sizes.


  • Material


The properties of the material directly affect the friction force between the mouse and the mat, as well as between the mat and the table. Mats are made from a variety of materials including fabric, silicone, plastic, rubber, glass, cork, and leather.

Rubber, silicone, and plastic mats offer good traction but can have a strong chemical smell. Fabric mats are convenient for daily use but lack durability and easy maintenance. Glass mats may be too slippery for precise mouse movements and cold to the touch, with a tendency to scratch easily.

Natural cork has unique properties that make it an excellent option for the mat, including environmental friendliness and heat, water, and vibration isolation. However, its surface is quite rough and uncomfortable for prolonged contact with the wrist. Genuine leather offers maximum friction force, elasticity, strength, smoothness, softness of the work surface as well as aesthetic appearance and ease of care due to its natural properties.

That is why we have developed practical and stylish mats that combine a leather and a cork bottom.



leather cork mouse pad



Hidemont also offers a leather mat without additional lining, but with a suede bottom side to suit your needs and preferences. The softness of the suede prevents the mat from sliding on the table.



leather mousepad



  • Aesthetic appearance


Paying attention to the processing of the mouse pad is crucial for its durability, ensuring that the edges will not peel off or crack over time, thus maintaining a new look for longer.


genuine leather mousepad


Hidemont carefully processes, stitches and paints the edges of the mats so that they will last you more than one year and have a neat appearance.


  • Personalization


Personalizing your mat or gifting a personalized mouse pad adds a special touch to any workspace.


personalized mousepad


It not only serves as an identifier in open-space offices but also makes for significant corporate gifts and thoughtful presents for gamers.


To sum up


Using a mouse pad is a practical way to protect your desk, mouse, and ensure wrist comfort during long hours of computer or laptop work. While choosing the right mat may seem daunting, finding one that is durable, high-quality, comfortable and stylish is realistic. The Hidemont leather mat collection makes this choice much easier.