We’ve all have, to this or that extent, felt discomfort or anxiety about being in the center of chaos: whether it was a tangle of thoughts, relationship dynamics, work flows, personal items, folders on PC desktop, or a larger-scale disarray in socio-political contexts. And we've all had to navigate through chaos in different ways: someone has mastered taming it, while others, having no inkling how to manage it, have learnt to coexist with it, occasionally overwhelmed with stress.

This issue has always been in the spotlight of discussion and researches: from the ancient Japanese practice of Feng Shui to the contemporary studies and bestselling books by Marie Kondo, Gretchen Rubin, Francine Jay, Joshua Becker that embrace the concepts of minimalism, decluttering, and efficient organization.

We, at Hidemont, wholeheartedly support these ideas and believe that being prone to plunging into havoc around is the bugging, deep-seated habit, one should get rid of instead of crafting common excuse sort of “It’s just my creative mess”.

Our accessories are handcrafted to bring top-level organization into every aspect of everyday life such as spending free time with family at home, meeting the deadlines in the office, exploring new countries, or self-expressing through the hobbies. Our accessories work towards significant goal of proving that the habit of order is one of the most useful habits, and let's see why.


1. Save Your Time


They say “when we get control of our stuff, we feel more in control of our lives”, in particular, our time. Storing frequently-used items in the only designated spot can cut down on the minutes spent looking around for them, especially in the moments of rush, be it during shopping, traveling, or getting ready to go out. And, for sure, tech accessories like cords or earphones are known for their unnatural ability to vanish and then appear after we've purchased the 5th new piece.

Just imagine: your phone's battery starts to dwindle during a long-haul flight and you don't have to frantically search through your carry-on for a power bank in one pocket, a cord in another pocket, and then AirPods in yet another unknown pocket.

Or, being late for online conference and finding the perfect spot at the café table, you don't have to awkwardly make the apologies to the attendees for missed discussion because you were busy with those sanity-testing earphones wire tangles.

And now imagine that you don't have imagine it, because a leather tech organizer is an effective answer to tech-clutter in terms of smart arrangement, protection, and transportation. By choosing this compact and stylish go-to accessory, you'll finally conquer your cables-disaster and optimize your time management.


tech accessories on desk leather tech organizer


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2. Reduce Stress


Constant hunts for the needed items are not only time-consuming but nerve-wrecking, too. Knowing that your stuff is at hand, at easy access, and always where you put them can actually make you feel calm and confident.

Besides, there is a direct correlation between the physical order and phycological well-being. Research from the University of Southern California has shown that women who describe their home conditions as “cluttered” exhibit higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Such a good habit of placing the items on the same place neatly organized will set you free from the exhausting thoughts going “Is it easier to throw it out rather than declutter?”, “What if it got stolen?”, “Do I need to buy a new one?”, “Haven't I lent it to someone?”, “No, not getting late again…”, “What will I tell my partner about losing his favorite item?”, “Is it really possible to find eyeglasses without them?”, etc.

With our leather valet tray, you'll get into the habit of not stressing about lost stuff so easily, quickly, and stylishly. Versatile and minimalist, it'll help you out with anything you need in any situation, finally obtaining the organizational zen: get a leather tray for storing pocketables at the entry, keeping all things ready at the bedside or vanity table, organizing essentials at the office desk.

Our leather valet tray is a vivid proof that “outer order contributes to inner calm”.


edc on desk edc organized in tray


  • No more tearing the house apart in the mornings, searching for keys.
  • No more racing for a remote instead of peacefully nestling into a chair with munchies in front of Netflix.
  • No more going through the 5 stages from denial to acceptance, as everything needed – keys, phone, wallet, glasses, contact lenses, chargers, earphones, lip balms, combs, remotes, stationery – will be always within the sight.

Yes, this simple accessory is all about perks and only perks, because thanks to its smooth material and aesthetically-pleasing appearance, a leather tray also gives the sense of tactile richness, safety, and coziness.

As a bonus, a portable leather valet tray with straps will help you stay organized even on the move: during a long trip, occupying your baby with trinkets caught on the tray, or finding the safe spot for your EDC at the hotel bedside table.


3. Boost Your Productivity and Increase the Effectiveness of Decisions


Surrounded by mess, we appear to be in the epicenter of chaotic actions, decisions, thoughts, ideas, objects that don't depend on us and never will be unless arranged.

Surrounded by mess, we tend not to know from what to start, what to deal with, what to focus on, how to make the priorities, and have no clear picture of the possible outcome. Though, we tend to get distracted by insignificant things. The havoc exhausts us with its massiveness, with our feeling of unbearable challenges, demotivating and depriving us of the internal resources.

God knows how many groundbreaking ideas and projects may have gone unnoticed and uncompleted, buried under the disarray of untidy desk.

The research by the OfficeMax has revealed that the workplace clutter is one of the most common reasons why workers do not get promoted for a long period of time, why they are not asked to be a part of potentially successful start-ups, and why they feel like their professional image is completely spoiled. Sadly, the statistics conclude that around 90% of workers in the USA are sure that disorder on their desk negatively influences their work performance.

There are some simple steps toward boosting your productivity, either for your work at office or remotely:

  • Declutter desk, leaving only the objects you only need for working or studying or the object that will make the process more comfortable or optimized.
  • Designate space for certain objects. For example, you can keep your stationary in a valet tray, or a drawer, and folders stack can find its perfect spot in the organizer, placed on rack. Have the certain place for your water bottle.
  • Zone your space, deciding where you'll work at the computer, deal with paperwork, brainstorm, store essentials, and keep less important stuff.
  • Manage cords over your desk. The tangle of cords from the laptop, monitor, and other devices that sprawls across the half of desk obstruct a comfortable work environment.

In line with the belief that “creating outer order isn't just about making a space more attractive; it's about making a space more functional – and a life more functional”, we've handcrafted our full-grain leather desk pad with a convenient cord fixator.


cords on desk leather desk mat with cord fixator


Coming in two versatile sizes and two timeless colors, the personalized desk pad makes wonders in terms of optimizing workspace, ensuring efficient protection to desk and gadgets, and elevating your professional style.

An orderly arrangement where everything is at hand and easily accessed can greatly enhance the creative workflow. Have you ever faced the situations when a brilliant idea crossed your mind – be it while commuting, paying for coffee at the counter, walking a dog, or doing cardio workout on the treadmill – and you have neither notepad, neither pen or pencil on you. Engulfed in frustration, you lose the track of idea that may never come back.

Exploring our rich collection of leather notebook covers, you'll be always prepared for the sudden hits of inspiration, increasing your productivity. In our selection, you can find different sizes, designed specifically for certain notebook sizes, in particular, 3.5” x 5.5” (9 x 14 cm) notebooks, Moleskine notebooks (pocket, pocket daily, large, large daily/expanded), and A5 notebooks, read more about types of notebooks. Besides, thanks to the diversity of covers with different functionality features, you'll find something to suit your lifestyle: with credit card slots, pen holder, extra pockets for essentials, with snap button closure or cut for elastic band closure.


pocketables on desk wallet organizer


4. Secure Your Valuables


Searching for something in a messy place is the same as looking for a needle in a haystack. Because of the habit of storing valuables in disarray, we usually don't keep track of them, and it's more likely for us to lose them.

Also, it's all about the matter of behavioral habits: the way our brain processes and recalls information is crucial in how we remember where things are. A well-organized space reduces cognitive load, making it easier to remember the location of items. Such environment can serve as a strong contextual cue, helping our brain to form associations between the items and their surroundings.

Undoubtedly this mindful approach is vital for protecting documents, credit cards, cash – whether at home, gym, at work, or in a trip.

“Oh well, the passport is here, my credit card is here, my boarding pass is here, and I won’t have issues traveling back home”, you can assure yourself with only one glimpse onto our leather passport holders, meticulously handcrafted to make your journeys safer, more convenient, and joyful. Check some simple tips on choosing a perfect passport cover.

And now, let's talk about the sacred treasures all women will definitely agree on – cosmetics collection. At those moments, when we need to feel as confident as possible, making a final accent of the favorite lip shade, it'll be so frustrating to find out it's gone. Add a minimalist touch of organization to your lifestyle with our pebbled leather makeup bags – perfect add-ons to daily workouts, work shifts, vacations, social events, or simply ideal solution for managing essentials for makeup bag on vanity table.

For their organized grooming rituals, men can choose the Hidemont leather dopp kits.


grooming items leather dopp kit organizer


5. Increase Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence


Have you ever caught yourself thinking of what your first impression is about the person who maintains a tidy environment around? It's just my subjective statement based on my personal associations (and it must not necessarily be true to your life experience): I picture the portray of disciplined, responsible, reliable, detail-oriented, calm person who feels respect from others and who has a developed sense of aesthetics.


6. Spend Less Time for Cleaning


Mastering the habit of neat organization around can significantly reduce time and minimize the energy spent of the future tidying up. Those who hate cleaning, considering it a daunting and time-consuming task, may find it effective solution that the constant placing items on their designated spot not only saves time but also reduces the mental burden often associated with cleaning. It's like setting a series of small, manageable tasks for your future self, rather than a large, exhausting project.


To Conclude


By embracing the art of organization, we align our days, streamline our tasks, and unclutter our minds. Let the Hidemont's accessories transform your personal and work space, lifestyle, making them clearer and totally understandable to you. Aren't these the hidden details – small accessories – that often go unnoticed but play a pivotal role in reshaping chaos into harmony?


Please feel free to share your hacks for getting organized effectively.