In this fast-growing world where you cannot take a step forward without cash or documents, I`ve met so many people who underestimated the role of a wallet. In fact, underestimating means a higher risk of losing your treasures in the most inconvenient moment. Yet, I`ve also spotted some people overestimated the meaning of this everyday accessory keeping their essentials in huge, blatantly colored, tricked out with millions of slots, wallets. In this case, overestimating means being an easy, tempting target for pickpockets.

Apparently, choosing a wallet as a must for a finance-conscious person is a great challenge. But we all should be aware that there`re so many reasons for owning a quality, practical, and simple-designed wallet. First of all, this outfit extra serves as a sort of mini portable safe for cash, credit cards, documents, etc. that protects from thieves, losing, or weather exposure. Besides, a wallet can tell a lot about its owner`s character and style.

Before regarding some specific tips, it`s also vital to remember that when selecting a minimalistic wallet, don`t hunt for a wallet that has a coin compartment, because, in that case, all you`ll get – it`s a monstrously huge and clumsy wallet that takes too much space.

The modern market offers a rich choice of men`s and women`s wallets, so it may be rather difficult to opt for the ideal one. To purchase a life-lasting wallet, consider the following recommendations:


The more minimalistic wallet, the more useful, stylish, and secure it is.


When you`re looking for a wallet that`s convenient for everyday use, go ahead with a rich choice of wallet types that I`ll discuss below. 

In case, you`re a dedicated wanderer, there`s no better alternative for you but a travel wallet. Being a surprisingly multi-functional and all-inclusive accessory, it`s an irreplaceable personal assistant that more and more today's travelers can boast about in front of the customs guys, flight attendants, and other passengers. A travel wallet is usually made of soft thin leather so that it`s quite flat and neat when fully packed with essentials and folded up. It stands out with a thoughtful range of slots for tickets, documents, cash, credit cards, and a transparent compartment for ID. For sure, safety on trips is the highest priority, that`s why these stylish accessories are secured with mini durable snap closures. Coming in rich brown shades or smart colors, a travel organizer is easily found on the bottom of the most stuffed bag. A personalized travel wallet will not only underline your sophisticated style but also indicate its owner in case of losing. 

pebbled leather wallet crazy horse wallet


If you`re a frequent credit card user and cash makes a lot of problems for you, it`s reasonable to choose credit card wallets that feature a lot of slots for credit cards only. The horizontal compartments on both sides of the wallet are quite roomy but tight enough to ensure the CCs won`t fall out. 

credit card holder for him

If you don`t rely on the digitized way of payment, enhance your bag with a clutch-styled wallet that has a minimalistic design with one main compartment for cash closed by a snap button or a zip. Ideally fitting your notes, this wallet keeps them flat without the need to fold them up. You can also put credit cards or paychecks there but it`ll actually create some little mess inside. Featuring a soft comfy handle, a wallet can be put inside of a bag or carried as a separate accessory on a wristlet.

leather small clutch small clutch wallet

For a modern person who takes advantage mostly of the PayPass function available on the smartphone or a smartwatch but would like to have some cash or credit card for “just in case”, a taxi wallet will become a nice everyday accessory. As for me, it`s the most compact wallet type impressing with a mini rectangular shape and a tight main compartment for cash and cards secured by snap closures. A taxi wallet is mostly beloved by men because it doesn`t take much space and perfectly fits a back pocket of pants or an inside pocket of jacket. A taxi wallet is mostly beloved by men because it doesn`t take much space and perfectly fits the any spot it`s stashed in. A taxi wallet is considered to be, so to say, a minimalistic approach to organization.

slim mens wallet


The wallet size directly depends on where do you usually keep the money – in a pocket, clutch, tote, or backpack. 

Most men tend to carry money in a pocket, so, no surprise, that taxi wallet or bi-folds become the best companions for their everyday outfit. Bi-fold wallets (also known as slim wallets) are offered in a rectangular-shaped long open pocket that folds in half. It features a high level of functionality achieved by compartments for credit cards, gym membership, paychecks, ID, cash, and receipts. Some of them also may contain a flat coin compartment that doesn`t make the wallet bulky. Thanks to a slim profile, they are not too big, and not too small giving you a chance to keep as many essentials as you need on hand. Besides, bi-folds can go with or without snap closures/zip. Taxi wallets and bi-folds are also often chosen by women who like wearing clutches. 

bifold wallet

For lovers of big bags, there is a range of long wallets that can be always in sight. Being thin but of bigger sizes, long wallets have the same capacity as bi-folds – slots for credit cards, cash, small photos, ID, all currency types, business cards, etc. The only difference is that it`s not folded in half. Long wallets are preferred by women because of their more fashionable look and a bigger choice of colors and hardware. 

leather long wallet


Most classy wallets come without closure. But don`t think the absence of hardware makes them less secure. Crafted of sturdy leather, for example, Crazy Horse, wallets securely store your essentials due to capacious but tight compartments. The wallet made of pebbled leather can be complemented with a snap button or a zipper. Hunting for stylish wallets, you can come across externally zipped accordion wallets, and clutch-styled accordion wallets that are secured with, for instance, a push locker outside and an internal coin compartment secured with a zip.

leather accordion wallet personalized wallet gift for her


A custom wallet will definitely spice up your daily outfit giving it a special and unique touch. A personalized wallet has a respectable, decent look speaking of an owner`s individuality. It also can be quite helpful in cases when you`ve lost your precious accessory. 


Do you find these tips to be useful? Or, perhaps, you`ve got your own algorithm of selecting a wallet? I`m looking forward to your ideas about that!