Run out of ideas for a meaningful gift? Already made common presents like books, socks, scarves, sweets or flowers and don`t want to repeat yourself? Afraid of picking up a wrong gift that will dust on the top shelf in a wardrobe for years? Hobby-focused surprises don`t seem impressive anymore?

If at least something of this sounds familiar to you, consider choosing a gift due to a sphere that a person is devoted to or spends around 40 hours per week for. That’s right, a recipient`s profession can help you select a gift that will hit the spot in any case.

Secretaries, accountants, marketing specialists, HR managers

These white-collar workers spend much time in an office performing important tasks as analyzing data, organizing the working process, maintaining the harmony in relations between employees, fulfilling the financial stability of the company. They cope with so much information every day, that practical gifts will be 100% a hit.

  • leather valet tray, desk tray for papers to arrange all items on the table
  • leather notebook cover to keep all ideas safe
  • satchel or tote to carry file folders or lunch boxes
  • leather laptop cover to store fragile electronics

If you want to please your director/CEO, don`t hesitate to choose classy, luxuriously-looking gifts like a full-grain men`s belt, supreme sunglasses case, or a personalized business cardholder.

When you`re the best CEO in the world who`s eager to surprise your busy bees, regard corporate personalized gifts – leather wallets featuring enough room for annual bonuses or notebook covers to reveal the employees` potential or any other essentials available in our leather collection.


We often underestimate the job of these guys, though we shouldn`t. They are great artists and feeling listeners, so they deserve great gifts:

  • notebook cover to keep precious cocktail recipes secure
  • a leather wallet for generous tips
  • a collection of personalized coasters to make impression on visitors
  • a cool leather backpack spacious enough to fit a bottle of… bartender knows what
  • high-class leather wine (or any other spirit) holder

Software developers and other IT-specialists

No surprise, these tech fans will be glad to get any computer accessories like a personalized leather laptop case, desk pad, mouse pad, tech organizers to keep cords, flash drivers, earphones, adapters, and other stuff.

If you want to mock on your IT-devoted friend, sibling, you can make a hint on the need for outdoor activities getting a leather yoga strap, or a ticket for a concert, or a sports club membership gift. If your dearest receiver has no pets, a leather dog collar will be a great starting investment for a life with a four-legged friend, instead of digital ones.

Truck drivers

These sophisticated wanderers spend too much time on a road constantly being far away from home for a considerable period. Any comfortable-making things will melt their heart:

  • a leather passport cover to keep documents safe
  • a travel organizer to arrange all essentials like tickets, money, documents, credit cards, maps
  • a dopp kit to make their toiletry rituals more convenient and home-felt
  • a custom keychain with a photo to recall precious moments with beloved people

Police officers

The guards of our world are worthy of the quality guards of their personal stuff. Think of these practical gifts:

  • a pencil holder to be always ready to make an identikit or put down any details concerning a case
  • a personalized leather wallet to keep financials secure
  • a full-grain belt to radiate confidence and power
  • a sunglasses case to have a clear vision of what`s going on around the town
  • a business cardholder to guarantee tight interconnection with citizens
  • a leather dog collar for officers co-working with a K9

Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors

These guys are lucky to learn their zen in physical condition. Are you sure, they don`t strive to arrange their essentials as well?

  • a leather yoga strap to achieve their OM even faster
  • comfy leather backpack to move around the world hands-free
  • a tech organizer for earphones


  • a leather satchel to look classy and have all stuff at hand
  • a business cardholder to look determined and professional
  • straps for a watch to be always on time
  • leather portfolio-clutch
  • leather laptop case
  • leather wallet to keep financials safe
  • desk accessories like valet tray or tray for papers

Doctors and nurses 

  • a dopp kit or makeup bag to keep a stethoscope or other medical devices
  • a leather pen cup to put down all symptoms without problems
  • sunglasses case to have a clear view on the best treatment
  • a tote to house documents, books
  • a leather notebook cover to store registered medical groundbreaking ideas safe


  • a pen cup to be always ready to give A marks
  • sunglasses case to have a clear vision of student`s achievements and potential
  • a leather tote or satchel to carry home tasks light


  • a cool soft backpack to carry valuable camera stuff
  • a tech organizer to corral cords secure
  • dopp kit or makeup bag also serves as a tech essentials keeper
  • a camera strap
  • laptop cover

Mechanics, construction workers, carpenters, electricians

  • a backpack to keep tools arranged
  • a tech organizer to forget about rummaging around the bag and seeking stuff in the most inconvenient time
  • dopp kit to house tools or toiletry

Musicians and other artists

  • a leather drumstick holder to rock the stage with style
  • a backpack to have all necessary stuff ready anytime when Muse comes
  • a leather notebook cover to have limitless space for creativity
  • these gifted guys will also enjoy anything made with taste so the custom option will make a gift even more unforgettable


In case, you haven`t found what you`re looking for, feel free to leave a comment, and I`ll be glad to find a best gift alternative for you.