I'm sure you're always in trend. Let your dog shine as well! When it comes to choosing the accessories for a pet, my leather dog collar hits the bull's eye. As a huge dog lover, I strive to offer the 4-legged friends only the best. About 3 years ago I got a little doggo, and since then my life has changed. It was not just about getting a pet, but rather getting constant support, a sense of responsibility, feel you're needed. No doubt, I strived to give my furry friend only the best. When it came to choosing everyday accessories… Yikes! Nothing but a disaster – some fell apart, some irritated my pup. And a brilliant idea crossed my mind. Why not design them on my own?

French Bulldog Graham







All leather dog accessories are inspired by my restless doggo. Meet my mischevous Graham and check out this happy smile! I guess my little one loves his new collar, doesn't he?








Hard work and considerable experience resulted in impeccable dog-friendly products that stand out with practicability, durability, and tested quality. I've finally seen gratefulness in my pup's eyes, so unforgettable feeling. I'll be glad to share such an experience with all pet lovers outlining the most important features you should consider while choosing a dog collar.

Take material into account

A modern pet market offers dog collars made of different materials – nylon, cotton web, center cord, leather, metal – that define their comfort, functionality, and design.

Cotton web collars are the most lightweight pet accessories available in a range of bright colors. Yet, being quite cheap, these collars won't impress you with durability, especially, after contact with water.

Nylon collars are durable and sturdy. But it's achieved with the rough surface. Are you ready to sacrifice the issue of comfort for the sake of not buying a new collar each month? Plus, as they're less prone to water, these collars can get pretty stinky over time. Metal collars are the sturdiest and seem to overlast your pet. However, these are extremelly heavy, cold, and noisy. If you love your dog, you won't choose a metal collar in any case.

Center cord collars are the most frequent reason why your dog keeps scratching the neck. Apparently, due to such webbed texture, some of the collar parts are likely to snag and irritate the pup's skin. Besides, they look rather boring and dull.

As you can see with these materials, you should decide what aspect comes to the fore. Yet, you're lucky to be offered a leather dog collar that combines all these features so that there's no need to scratch your head thinking how your sweet pet will react to a new accessory. Leather collars have a classy and minimalistic, even, vintage look. But they are not just about beauty. Made of leather, collars are extremely lightweight, long-lasting, sturdy, comfy, water-resistant.

Pay a lot of attention to the hardware and other design features

We'd think that hardware isn't so considerable aspect when choosing a dog collar but nothing of the kind. It directly affects the functionality and convenience of a collar. I tend to use solid hardware as that's so strong and retains an attractive finish.

Besides, during training, a dog is traditionally walked on the left. So that the D-ring is placed on the right side of the collar not to go round the dog's neck. It should be securely fixed so that it doesn't shuffle every time.

Being concern about pets' security, I prefer using a classy buckle instead of quick-releasing buckles.

A contemporary market provides an unlimited choice of metal ID tags but I find them to be a considerable con of the design. First of all, they are most likely to get lost. Then, an additional ring bothers a dog. And, let's be frank, a constant clanging is so annoying, especially at night. Thant's why I complement dog collars with a stainless steel nameplate riveted to the leather surface. A nameplate looks neat and cute being engraved with a pet's name. At the same time, it can contain a parent's number ensuring a dog's safety. You also have a chance to customize a nameplate choosing any forms.

Don't deny yourself looking for collars with an additional loop for a strap end so that it won't tuck away.

It's also important that the collar construction stands out with durability, strength. Unlike other dog collars that feature only one, non-finished surface, Hidemont dog collar is crafted of a double-layered quality leather that is skillfuly finished with strong thread. Besides, there is an in-sewn layer of cotton webbing between the leather layers to ensure extra longevity and resilience to stretching.

We're thrilled to announce the expansion of our collection to include two new must-have accessories for your furry companions: Airtag Compatible Leather Dog Collars, providing real-time tracking for your pet's safety, and our Bowtie Leather Dog Collars, designed to add a dash of sophistication and charm to every occasion. Treat your pet to the best — explore our expanded range of accessories today!


dog collar bow tie dog collar airtag


Consider the ultimate size

Ideally-matched size of the collar guarantees freedom and comfort during walks. It should be tight enough that your pooch can't take it off but not too tight that your little friend won't feel pressure. The collar finished with a traditional buckle has holes for easy adjustment, that is a great alternative for dogs that wear their collars all the time as it'll be harder for them to undo. Besides, this collar will serve for more years as you'll have a chance to adjust the size with every month of the pup's fast growing.

              size guide of leather dog collars     





It's quite simple to choose the perfect size for your 4-legged friend. All you need to do is simply measure your dog's neck and add additional 2 cm (1/2”) to this measurement. If you want to be sure that the collar fits 100%, put two fingers between a collar and a dog's neck and measure again.




Such simple tips do work! I'm glad to get cute photos with my satisfied furry customers every day. Feel free to share your experience as well! ♡ ♡ ♡

                  happy owners of leather dog collars