As a man, I used to know nothing about bags. When I observed women spending hours to choose between two pieces that seemed totally the same to me, I couldn`t understand why they were doing that.

As a leather goods producer, I`ve got to learn a lot about bags. Now it`s quite clear to me – it takes too much time and effort to find a bag that will be practical, quality, and beautiful at the same time. Being inspired to make every woman`s life easier, I`ve come across some simple solutions to offer the best alternatives. Relying on my time-tested experience, I`ll be happy to share useful tips you can definitely take advantage of to select the lasting-for-good bag.

Think of your lifestyle

If you`re a constantly-on-the-go person, it`s better to purchase old-school satchels. Featuring an extremely sturdy but soft-to-touch corpus, they can gently house your laptop, books and notebooks, file folders. Students will highly appreciate the vintage appearance of the satchel, inspired by the tradition of the Britain universities. Satchels are highly beloved by businesswomen for their practicality and simple design. Complemented with a thoughtful range of spacious pockets, these bags are the best option for busy bees.


classic satchel  classic leather satchel


Enhance your everyday activities with fashionable leather backpacks and totes  that stand out with soft leather and a roomy compartment. If you enjoy shopping or walking light, don`t look for a better choice.

Your life is full of exciting trips? A leather backpack with secure hardware is an ideal companion for your adventurous nature.


classic tote bag pebbled leather backpack


For special occasions like parties or weddings, underline your look with an exquisite wristlet clutch  that can store enough items without being too bulky. Made with a cute handle, a clutch allows you to enjoy your time hands-free.


monogrammed leather clutch engraved leather clutch


Planning a massive bash? Carry all needed stuff like lipstick, a hairbrush, or a bottle of delightful perfumes in a crossbody saddle bag that will 100% draw the public eye.


black saddle bag brown saddle bag

Consider the ultimate size

The bag size depends on your personal preferences and the amount of stuff you`re going to stash in it. For keys, leather wallet, and phone, go ahead with a small one. When you also need to have a notebook, sunglasses, perfumes, hairbrush, and makeup, go up in size. When you feel secure with all essentials at hand, you`re definitely an XL fan. Getting a too small bag, you`ll always lack space for essentials. But with a too big bag you risk being constantly stuffy.

Besides, if you get a medium bag, you`ll be sure that it can house enough essentials for traveling light but still, what is more important, complies with airlines basic requirements for hand luggage.

Like a pair of jeans, a well-sized bag will highlight your outfit, and a wrong-matched size will make it less attractive. Baggy and large bags suit the tall women, whereas middle-sized and compact purses fit those who have a medium or small height.

In all my listings, there is a simple size chart for your easy choice.

Yet, I bet that having bags in different sizes for different needs will be the most reasonable decision in your life.

Choose the desired color

Make sure the color of the bag will contribute and harmonize your wardrobe. Black, white, beige, grey, brown are universal colors looking great with any dress code. Personally, I think that black will never go out of style and set the top fashion trends for any season.

Color can say a lot about a person – active (red) or calm (blue), easy-going (green) or reserved (grey) individuality.

Bear in mind that Hidemont bags are available in a rich palette that depends on the leather type. Bags made of Crazy Horse leather, mostly, are available in glamorous and deep shades of brown, while pebbled leather bags can complement your style with bright accents.

Check functionality

Here we come again – your personal needs are the most crucial factor. Decide whether you need different compartments or just the main one. A thoughtful range of internal and external pockets can make it easier to keep everything in its place without making a mess. Don`t ignore the quality of hardware because the sturdier buckles and rivets are, the longer bag will serve you. A practical bag should always offer a wide range of options in terms of wearing and holding – an adjustable strap and comfy handle. Also, it`s you to decide if the bag must be completed with a zip, because for some women it`s more convenient to get zip-free totes, and for others, security is a must.

Regard the care-for aspect

No surprise that, for every woman, her favorite bag is an apple of her eye. But that`s life, so unpleasant things can happen. Different types of leather define the care-for approaches. In fact, suede bags are thought to be the most troublesome in this respect. In contrast, leather bags are easy to care for. Just a slight Whoosh! with a clean cloth – and it`s as new. Plus, a bag must be easily cleaned inside.


Be sure, all these points are kept in mind while producing Hidemont bag collections. I`m eager to provide golden-middle alternatives that will be minimalistic but cute, roomy but compact, simple but highly functionalized.


Are these tips useful for you? Feel free to share your opinion on that or your own solutions to easy bags hunting.