Sometimes we want our favorite leather goods to look as nice as new. To enhance their aesthetic appearance, we can use special cosmetic products that are totally harmless. Having tried a lot of them, I`ve chosen the best producer offering effective, and what`s also important, affordable leather care products.

Despite the fact these products are time-tested when applying them for the first time, I recommend you to test a small amount of the treatment on the most invisible leather good part. When you`re sure of the reaction of leather, go ahead and enjoy long-lasting wear.

Leather care products

  • Collonil Carbon Pro (helps to make your leather item waterproof): treat the whole item with waterproof spray; after that, you can remove water drops with the cotton cloth.
  • Collonil Clean+Care Foam (helps when your item gets wet under rain): spread the foam over the cloth and wipe the item with the cotton cloth. Leave it to dry out in a well-ventilated room (or with an opened window).
  • Collonil Waterstop Colours (helps to remove scratches): take the color-care cream and apply some cream on the scratched area and wipe with the cotton cloth.
  • Collonil Waterstop Colours and Collonil Clean+Care Foam (helps in very bad situations): at first, use the clean and care foam, spreading it over the cotton cloth and wiping the item. Then, put some color-care cream and spread it all over the item. Take another clean cotton cloth to spread the cream faster and without stains.

Taking care of leather goods is not so complicated, as it seems, isn`t it? Let your hair down and enjoy this short video guidance on Crazy Horse bag care.