A dog leash is a must-have accessory for daily walks, training sessions, and trips with your little pup. However, choosing a good leash may appear to be a challenge, as not every leash may be approved by your dog or guarantee maximum safety for the dog and comfort – for you. Find out the key points you should consider when choosing a dog leash. 


Take material into account

A modern pet market offers dog leashes made of different materials – nylon, biothane, leather, and others – that define the functionality and design of these daily dog accessories.

Nylon dog leashes are the most durable and lightweight. However, such a cheap synthetic material has a lot of disadvantages. Because it`s prone to fraying over the edges, a nylon leash causes much discomfort when gripping the handle, and, especially, it causes rope burn when the dog pulls. Plus, leashes can get pretty stinky over time after constant contact with water.   

In fact, biothane dog leashes provide more comfort than nylon ones, and they feel quite the same as genuine leather leashes. Still, biothane leashes are not the best option for you and your pup. Made of synthetic material, biothane leashes with a not-very-pleasant smell are more likely to get slippery when getting wet under the rain, putting your precious dog at risk.

With a leather dog leash, you don't need to sacrifice either your comfort, the dog`s safety, or the stylish look. A genuine and natural leather finish with a pleasant smell means the leather leash is the most durable, long-lasting, lightweight leash resistant to fraying and cracking. The smooth texture guarantees a comfortable grip and no rope burns. When the leash is treated properly, which is very easy by the way, it lasts for years.


Pay a lot of attention to the hardware and other design features

We`d think that hardware isn`t so vital when choosing a dog leash but nothing of the kind. It directly affects the functionality and convenience of the leash. I use only high-quality, solid hardware because it`s reliable and retains an attractive, minimalist finish.

A 360o solid swivel bolt snap makes a big difference for your walks and training sessions. Its rotating mechanism provides a secure attachment to a collar or harness and prevents the dog from getting tangled. Impressively durable, this type of clipping withstands tough pulling, lounging, and jumping. Please, keep in mind that a Hidemont leather leash is recommendable for dogs with a weight of not more than 55 lb (25 kg).

For effortless and enjoyable walking with your dog, the leash you pick up should offer an ergonomic, comfortable handle so that it makes no discomfort for you, in particular, causes no rope burns.

Convenience and hands-free walking are guaranteed with a leather leash with a solid, high-quality frame. Such a small detail gives a lot of opportunities to have a dog waste bag, dog ball holder, your keys, or other stuff you may need securely clipped onto the leash.


Consider the ultimate length, width, and thickness

It`s essential to choose the leash with the optimal length – it gives the right amount of freedom and control for your dog. The leashes that are 4-6’ long are the best choice for medium dogs, and 2.8' long leashes are better for large dog and puppies, as they won`t drag around the ground, be less likely to get dirty, and be a great alternative for a training leash for puppies.

The durability and reliability of the leash depend on the leash's width and thickness. It`s better to walk with a leash not thinner than 10 oz because thick grain is more resistant to cracking and fraying over the edges. And you`ll effortlessly roll a 2/3" wide leash up and put it into a pocket.


Prefer the personalized leashes

A personalized leather leash brings a stylish, unique accent to every outing. The leather finish neatly gains the hot stamping that lasts crispy and readable for years. Add a personalization – dog`s name or some catchphrase – so that both of you become the big talk in the neighborhood. Also, a personalized leash makes a practical and meaningful gift for dog lovers.


Do you find these tips on choosing a dog leash to be helpful?