You can't buy happiness. But you can buy a leather handbag.

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In fact, we can't imagine our life without bags anymore as they have become one of the 10 must-have wardrobe essentials for every lady. Wherever we go, we grab a bag and feel as confident as possible. Yet, choosing bags appears to be no picnic at all – and finally receiving the Hidemont bags is the most fascinating feeling ever that we've tried to describe with 10 unexpected but true words in our article. I'd be glad to tell you more about our designer leather handbag collection and its features for easier choice and give you a few simple but effective recommendations on how to care for leather handbag so it satisfies you for years.




Hands down, satchel, or crossbody genuine leather handbag, is all the rage these days, stunning constantly-on-the-go people with incredible functionality. Inspired by the British university tradition, it boasts a vintage classy look. One can recognize leather satchels from first sight and touch as they stand out with the unique leather designs that we've meticulously reinterpreted in our craftsmanship approach to production stages.

Usually, these stylish bags are of a rectangular shape complemented with dual closure and an internal pocket. None of the bags can offer you this sturdy corpus and soft internal compartment but a satchel. It allows you to keep valuables like laptops protected with leather sleeves, tablets, and file folders securely housed. Plus, you can put it on a table without worries it will turn upside down and mess around. Designed with a long, strong, easily adjustable strap, it's ideal for crossbody wearing. This leather purse is offered in a range of sizes, so you can find a perfect leather bag to store everything needed.

What it's perfect for. Satchels are the best leather bags option for busy people who need to carry a lot of essentials every day. Its simple design ideally fits formal and informal dress codes, giving a vintage accent to the total look. Behind every successful woman, there is a fabulous satchel.


leather satchel small crossbody bag


Leather type. Made of Crazy Horse leather, satchels are extremely durable, solid, soft-to-touch, easy-to-care-for. A beautiful patina will underline your active lifestyle and restless personality. Crazy Horse has allowed us to develop the most amazing brown leather handbag collection to suit any outfit.

Capacity. For sure, the capacity depends on the chosen size. Yet, even the small one serves to keep a tablet, notebook, leather wallet, keys, documents, and makeup necessities. Going up in size, you can have toiletries, snacks, and tech accessories on hand as well. The medium-sized satchel provides ample space for carrying an 11" iPad, the large size fits a 13" laptop, and the XL-sized Hidemont satchel is a versatile option for transporting a 16" laptop.


genuine leather satchel for women capacious women bag


Functionality features. Discover our custom leather handbag collection with satchels named Dora and Tora. Both of them are finished with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, tuck lock closures, small external pocket, large zipped internal pocket and small internal side pockets, and their main difference is the top handle. Dora comes with no handle, and Tora offers even more carrying options with a soft, convenient top handle.




A tote bag is a versatile large handbag that elegantly fits every occasion in life. Its minimalistic leather handbag patterns have won the hearts of millions of ladies meeting and exceeding all expectations of comfort and aesthetic values. Being pleasantly lightweight but oh-so roomy, a tote bag is thought to be a universal symbol of feminine functionality. In comparison with satchels, totes have thinner, thus more flexible leather that harmoniously repeats your figure lines without looking too gangling.

Delight yourself with a comfy, soft handle and a reliable non-stretching strap that will carry your essentials for many years. Elegantly simple, useful, all-season, and all-occasion accessory you can count on…That's all about the handbag leather tote. That's all about what you deserve. Not a fan of excessive hardware? A tote bag is just for you. Read more about tote bags to know it for sure!

What it's perfect for. If you're not sure of its versatility, check out this endless list of activities in which a tote can assist you. It's good for work. For the beach. For gym. For studying. For shopping. For a picnic. For traveling. For carrying baby stuff. For carrying your cute pooch all around. For bringing home Chinese food orders. For bringing home the whole fortune won on a lottery. For hiding your favorite chocolates from kids. Is there a need to proceed?

With a durable timeless black leather handbag, you can go through fire and rain – no doubt it will withstand a lot.

Our team is now working a lot to design the best leather tote for you and we'll be happy to please you with our new product soon.




The first thought that crosses one's mind when hearing ''backpack'' is schooling. But not for those who appreciate practicality that shouldn't be sacrificed for the sake of style. Just like totes, backpacks are of great versatility but it's more about casual dress code rather than official.

Designed to be exceptionally light and convenient, backpacks feature two shoulder straps and a thoughtful range of pockets that complement a roomy compartment. Indeed, this type of bag offers benefits that any other bag can't. There's nothing it won't match – any color, any attire, and any accessories.

Plus, backpacks give you a chance to wear them in different ways. Feel careless? Have it slung over one shoulder. Full of energy? Carry it across your back. Confident? Grab it in your hand. Offered in knapsack or flap styles, backpacks serve to boost your daytime appearance and store essentials safely.

What it's perfect for. Backpacks speak of your restless and creative nature. It's a great necessity for walking, hiking, partying, studying, working, traveling, existing.




A lot of modern women can't find a reason not to succumb to temptation and enhance their everyday look with a small leather handbag, a saddlebag. It's beloved for its unusual shape – the bag is a bit rounded at the bottom and slightly narrowed on the top – that resembles a saddle horse bag.

Indulge yourself in a custom leather handbag selection to find the one to express your individuality. Our leather saddle bag named Sandy has a compact compartment, accompanied by a cute interior strap that hides a durable tic tac buckle, and a long adjustable strap for easy crossbody carrying. A sophisticated design is finished with careful stitching and unburnished ends of soft leather, which gives an exclusive touch to the appearance.


leather saddle bag women brown small bag


What it's perfect for. Coming mostly in small or medium sizes, a saddlebag is the ultimate solution for those who hate being overstuffed. It's not too big and not too small which makes it a light accessory for strolling in a park, walking a dog, shopping, visits to cafes or cinemas, sightseeing, and on-the-spot outings. It'll be a truly splendid accent in combination with a cute dress, a leather jacket or coat, and edgy moto boots. Want to find out more about how to wear the right accessories for the occasion? We have so many ideas on how to look fabulous regardless of the circumstances.


mini women bag green leather bag for women


Leather type. Handcrafted of Crazy Horse leather, a saddlebag will stun you with a beautiful patina for many years. It also provides a rich palette of exquisite shades. Of course, you'll never be wrong by complementing our outfit with a brown or black leather handbag, however, you can also bring a fresh accent to the attire with the hues of green or red.

Capacity. It's designed for light carrying of vital things like a bi-fold wallet, phone, makeup essentials, sunglasses stored in a leather case, a leather tech organizer, keys, and earphones.

Functionality features. Made for lightweight and the most comfortable carrying, a leather saddle bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, a secure tick tuck closure, and a small internal pocket.




When in need to grab a small and reserved bag that can fit cash, credit cards, touch-up toiletries, and keys instead of hauling something as huge as a backpack or a tote, a wristlet is an ideal alternative for you.

Featuring a minimalistic design, it's a nice accessory for evening looks and special occasions. A roomy compartment is often complemented with a comfy handle that allows you to hang it on a wrist and walk hands-free. Plus, being extremely compact, a wristlet can also assist you as a leather makeup bag that can be easily put in your tote or a trip bag without taking up too much space.

What it's perfect for. Take the favor of a wristlet when you're eager to go sightseeing, to party all night long, to go to the cinema or a concert. With this accessory, you'll have no worries about your stuff while walking in crowds.

Exciting things are happening behind the scenes, and we're eager to present our new product to you when it's ready.


Recommendations for the care and storage of a genuine leather handbag


Firstly, you should remember that leather is a natural, "breathable" material, which, despite its durability and wear resistance, which are noticeably better than with other materials, still has its life span. The correct approach to the care and storage of handmade leather goods is guaranteed to increase the wearing time and preserve the attractive appearance of such accessories.

To keep your new bag's leather texture as good as possible, you should:

  • Clean it with a slightly damp cotton cloth.
  • Once every three months, apply the leather conditioner (or hand cream, if you don't have it) to maintain the natural oil layer, and thus, prevent the leather from cracking.
  • Avoid too intense contact with water. This is because the leather structure contains a layer of natural oils that help preserve its integrity. Exposure to water may lead to the destruction of this oil layer, compromising the overall quality of the leather. If your bag gets stained, clean it with a damp, alcohol-free wipe and allow it to air-dry naturally, but don't use artificial heat sources to speed up the drying process. Once the bag is dry, apply conditioner (or hand cream) on the leather, polishing it with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Store the bag in a dry place where there is no direct sunlight.

More information about leather care and leather care products you can find in short articles.


To sum up


Even though the choice of a leather bag may seem too challenging and stressful, Hidemont's fashionable collection of handbags will make your shopping experience much easier and smoother. It's our top priority to ensure that any bag you select is of timeless quality, unique craftsmanship, unparalleled versatility, and functionality.

Have you already chosen your favorite handbag type? Feel free to share your ideas about what bag is the handiest for you.