I've always appeared in the heart of the fashion industry on trips – brand boutique signs flashed from every corner, inviting all passersby to get amazed by the trendy clothes and accessories. And an intriguing thought crossed my mind over and over again after the trip to a new place. There're so many stores and boutiques completely devoted to female fashion or both female's and men's goods. However, there're so few of those devoted to only men fashion accessories or clothing. These awkward subjective statistics hunt me: there are approximately 70% women's and 30% men's stores. Again, that's a subjective statement based on personal observations and experience but not accurate official statistics.

What's the philosophy behind it? Compared with women, whose shopping tendency is determined by aesthetic value, rich diversity, and emotional purchase component, men tend to stick to the shopping motto “buy less, buy better”. It means quality matters a lot.

Indeed, most men prefer to use the accessory for a long time without substitutions for a season or look. The versatility of male accessories defines the basic needs of a modern gentleman who dreams a lot, generates ideas, brings projects to life, explores different perspectives, and strives for self-improvement.

Besides, a man will never buy something that's not functional and is destined to gather dust on the top wardrobe shelf. It shows that practicality is one more vital aspect every man considers.

With the accessories every man should have at a central point, I want to say that the motto “buy less, buy better” totally corresponds to Hidemont's motto, saying "superb quality, less consuming", which is true for women and pet accessories, too.

Hidemont offers a huge collection of unique men's accessories handcrafted from the best quality materials to combine versatility and efficiency in one stylish, personalized design. If you wish to read it more simply, accessories made by modern men for modern men.

In this article, I'm going to provide my personal view on the best accessories for men and what meaning and function they carry in the lifestyle context. Also, to help you not get caught up in the endless list of men's accessories, I'm glad to give you a complete fashion guide on top men's accessories designed by Hidemont and why we find those to be a perfect choice of yours.




Depending on the life situation, the accessories may be useful, Hidemont has the biggest online collection of daily, travel, and business accessories for men. Every detail – quality materials and hardware, appearance, functionality, maintenance aspect, and personal touch – comes together to make your life easier, more convenient, hustle-free, and work in your favor.


Men's essential accessories for everyday


  • Wallet


Even in the era of e-banking, I'm sure a wallet is an ideal example of male power, status, and intelligence, and it should be in every man's arsenal. Just like a little black dress in every woman's one. Whatever you can think of but, for sure, a quality wallet is one of the accessories every man should have for their whole life.

Coming in different types like bifold, credit card holder, or money clip, the wallet helps in most life scenarios – shopping, paying for a taxi, lunch, public transport fare, and showing ID when pulled over.


mens bifold leather bifold wallet


Simply find your wallet and see the difference it makes for your routine. It works wonderfully for teenage students who learn their budgeting habits day by day. Here are some excellent tips on how to choose a wallet.


  • Valet tray


If you like to have your daily stuff organized, I'd recommend not underrating the benefit of a leather valet tray. Its well-thought design easily assembles with solid snap buttons to provide ample space for the EDC like wallet, watch, keys, glasses, and everything you can shake out of your pockets. Minimalist in its silhouette, it makes a perfect and life-lasting addition to an entryway console table or a nightstand so that you always have the most needed items in sight. A real find for men who hate fussing around, searching for keys in the morning.


leather tray for men valet tray for him


By getting a leather valet tray with straps, you can enjoy its portability and functionality by simply rolling it up and taking it on trips. Its versatility really impresses me as it also can be a handy assistant for board games like D&D. Thanks to stable snapped corners and air-cushioned leather surface, a valet tray offers a rolling area that prevents the dice from getting lost, making noisy hits against a table, and secures the table surface from wear and tear.


  • Laptop case


Additionally, Hidemont has designed the most protective leather laptop cases to ensure your day flows without stress but is full of confidence in your agenda realization. Triple-layered construction, easy access to ports, slim and sleek profile, simple and sophisticated design make these cases the best accessories for men to suit their dynamic lifestyle, stylish look, and protect sensitive electronics. Read on how to measure your laptop before choosing a case or bag to ensure it fits perfectly and fulfills its protecting function.


leather laptop case macbook leather case



Business accessories for men


Nothing can exude confidence, boost self-esteem, and increase productivity better than quality and efficient business accessories for men.


  • Desk mats and mouse pads


It's quite exciting to know that such simple mens designer accessories can be this functional and irreplaceable. Featuring natural materials, leather desk mats and leather mouse pads provide a smooth, convenient surface for wrist and mouse movements. The sturdy but air-cushioned texture increases the mouse's accuracy and, thus, your productivity. A cord fixator makes a desk pad even more convenient, preventing tangling around the desk. Personalized desk mats or mouse pads are the best accessories for men that outline personal boundaries and make a professional impression on colleagues.


leather desk pad leather mouse pad



  • Business card holder


For the go-getters, leather business card holders are efficient and cool accessories for men to enhance the image of a man who knows a lot about how to make a good partnership, persuade, and cope with obstacles. Besides, the Hidemont business card holder stands out with its generous capacity but compact design to keep around 35-40 cards at once, so you can be ready to establish professional connections even in a leisure mode.


business card holder for men mens business card holder



  • Belt


Spice up your smart casual outfit with a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather belt – a timeless choice of male accessories that set the men's fashion trends for spring 2023. Whether you need it to complement the official-styled trousers or casual jeans, a leather belt will vividly signal to others that you're a man who cares about his reputation, status, and professional look.


mens belt leather mens belt



Travel accessories for men


Is there a more thrilling feeling than upcoming trip anticipation? Doubt so. Broaden the horizons of your adventurous spirit with a rich collection of mens designer accessories for traveling that will make your experience much more convenient, organized, and stress-less.


  • Dopp kit


When traveling, we're looking forward to enjoying the adventure to the fullest, and worry about toiletries organization is the last thing we want to do. It's exactly where the leather dopp kits may be of considerable use. Coming in a variety of signs and sizes, Hidemont dopp kits give spacious compartments to store as much as you need without taking much space in a bag. Extremely functional and cool accessories for men, leather dopp kits with handles can be easily hung on a hotel bathroom hook.


leather dopp kit dopp kit for men


To be frank, I've found these men's essential accessories to be quite an interesting subject for my personal social poll. Surprisingly, all men who I'm acquainted with used a dopp kit not for its original purpose. A dopp kit appeared to be helpful:


✔ As a wallet

✔ As an underwear or socks organizer

✔ As a document organizer

✔ As a free wire, screws, nuts organizer

✔ As a car accessories organizer

✔ As a first aid kit

✔ As a stash spot for extra cash

✔ As a lunch box

✔ As a phone stander while watching videos/movies

✔ As a bag where you can toss anything to pretend you make an order on a desk


  • Passport cover and luggage tag set


Designed in matching colors, leather passport covers and leather luggage tags have come together in a trip set to let you indulge in world exploration with no muss, no fuss. While the passport cover will secure your documents, credit cards, notes, and other stuff you need on the go, a luggage tag will do a great job indicating your suitcase, rucksack, or carry-on bag so you won't miss it on the claim carousel.


leather passport cover leather luggage tag




  • Quality


Quality aspect comes to the fore when producing male accessories. Selecting only top-quality genuine leather and hardware, we guarantee that every piece will last for years, withstanding frequent use and meeting contemporary men's needs.

That's the quality that deprives every man of the nightmare of constant accessories updating. Simply pick up one of our unique men's accessories and savor the feel of quality in your hands.


  • Simple but versatile and functional design


The simpler, the better – that's how men often choose their accessories for any life scenario. Hidemont has made the seemingly impossible possible: the simplest accessories offer the highest level of functionality and flexibility so men can customize every piece usage according to their needs. Following the rule of minimalist but practical design, we strive to give men the freedom of getting inventive with their accessories.


  • Personalization


It'd be unfair to say that Hidemont leather accessories are for all men because not every item can be suitable for a man of different ages, professions, and lifestyles. After all, every man is an individual who has their own needs, tastes, and preferences. However, it'd be fair to say that we've successfully fulfilled the goal of making goods exclusive for every man by offering quality and long-lasting personalization. Smartly personalized with initials, name, or catchphrase, every leather piece may represent the unique male spirit. And every personalized leather accessory can manifest the sense, close to every man, making it a perfect choice for all men.




Even though you may feel that choosing the accessories for yourself is a rather time-consuming and nerve-racking task, there's Hidemont's ultimate guide to the best accessories for men. Our rich collection of unique and quality accessories will make your choice far easier and more pleasant.