We see them every day at least 40 hours per week. We share coffee rituals in the morning. We may have lunch at one table. We make compliments to each other about new fashionable outfits or hairstyles. We are looking forward to saying "TGIF". We wake up for the sake of the same goal. We know every little detail about them. Or we may know only their name. Extremely immersed in our duties and endless tasks, we may not even pay attention to who we are working with. As a rule, we`re not interested in someone`s life but don`t lose a chance to gossip or judge. It inevitably affects the performance.

Every company is like a huge family where cooperation plays a crucial role. Without understanding, socializing, shared experience all efforts are in vain. That`s why, no matter, if you`re a big boss, HR manager, or clerk, you should be aware of how beneficial team building can be for the general vibes at your workplace. Besides, interesting activities in the office help to make the routine brighter, recharge employees` batteries, and give a splash of energy to fulfill the agenda.

Corporate events are the most popular way to gather all company members in an informal atmosphere. When planning something special for your co-workers, you can face a great problem – how to make a cool corporate event that will meet everyone`s needs and tastes but still be impressive and creative? BBQ isn`t an option for you.


Fresh air – fresh experience

Winery tour.  This activity isn`t about drinking – it`s all about aesthetic awareness and spreading drinking etiquette tips that are popular in wine-producing countries. This day out will impress real gourmets with the diversity of wine collections and mouth-watering appetizers like cheese, nuts, fruits, and many others. Make this experience unforgettable with a leather wine carrier personalized with your company`s logo as an unusual gift for each employee.

Outdoor cinema  sounds like a great once-in-life episode for those who`re eager to lounge around and then share feelings about the movie with colleagues. Get a huge screen, agree on the movie, choose a picturesque spot, and lie back on a blanket. All you need is popcorn, soft drinks, and leather blanket carriers to effortlessly transport all needed stuff.

Yacht travel.  Nothing will unite people more than a fascinating cruise aboard a small but luxurious yacht gently sailing through waves. Light breeze, relaxing music, and an all-together photo with a stunning sunset in the background – you`re 100% the best boss ever.

Hiking  is a nice way to ensure cooperation, teamwork, and leadership traits in extreme conditions.

Paintball –  feel yourself like a warrior on the battlefield that strives to reach a goal shared by the team. Grant team leaders with leather personalized gifts to encourage their competitive spirit.

Carting will help you to enjoy the lightning speed and forget about the monotonous rat race.

Excursions.  For hard workers who`re on the continuous route every day “Work-home-shop”, an idea with excursion can give a new look on the city. Hire a charismatic guide to make this across-the-city trip as captivating as possible. Spark their interest in the city with a notebook protected with a leather custom cover so that your employees will have a chance to fulfill a to-go list.

By organizing a flash mob, you can give the space for your imagination. Choose the most relevant issue, think of the performance part – and a jolly mood is guaranteed for everyone.


Indoor fun

We`ve got a talent!  A talent show is a good idea to get the work team closer because it will represent the employees from a new perspective. Singing, playing the guitar, tap dancing – even the most reserved and strict manager can impress with artistic nature. You`ve got an extraordinary talent? You can drink a gallon of milk in 30 sec? You can walk like a crab? The stage is yours!

Quiz.  Compile a list of the company-related questions dividing them by the complexity level and reward a winner with a cute leather gift like a business cardholder or an Italy leather belt.

Theme party.  You`ll have an unbelievable chance to travel through time and be a part of the story you like. Fond of mafia gangsters? Adore 80`s? Fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? Decorate your office, find some true accessories and outfits, grab some theme snacks and drinks – you`re ready to get embraced with the authentic atmosphere.

Quest  serves to reveal the strategic skills and ability to work in a team as well as leadership traits. It also gets a lot of fun to the everyday schedule giving so much food for thought not only during the game but for a long time after. Surprise the win-team with satisfying leather gifts like mousepads, office paper trays, pen holders, business cardholders.

Game night.  If you suppose you`re too old for games, you just should be a must-comer to forget about your professional temperance at least for a few hours. Regard poker, bier pong, "I-have-never..." game, twister, darts, and many others you`ll be crazy about. Leather trays embossed with the company logo will be a perfect, helpful addition to the night as well as a cool souvenir for the entire life.

Master class.  Who said that work should stimulate you to improve only professional skills? A comprehensive-all-around person is highly valued in the modern employment market because he or she has a distinctive vision of certain situations from different angles. Grasp your lucky chance to learn something new and share this experience with your co-workers – you may have a lot in common without even realizing it. Cooking, mixology, photography, gift-wrapping – it`s all up to you.

Office Awards.  Even though it sounds trivial, this kind of activity can make everyone laugh out loud. It`s not the time to praise for professional achievements only. Every huge family has its members that stand out with this or that unique or even freak personal habits and traits. Create small videos with funny photos that have some story behind them. Print handmade award certificates like "Best Joker", "Coffeeholic”, “Late Bird”, “A-Employee”, “Help-Me-Out Employee Award”, “Why-What-How Employee”, “Constant Eater Award”.


Act of kindness isn`t a challenge!

Fairs.  Organize an in-house food, book, or any other fairs so that you can sell unneeded stuff to your co-workers who may have been looking for that for a long time or treat them with snacks and desserts. Gained budget you can spend on good things – become a frequent visitor to the orphanage or pet shelter.

Or, consider sports challenges. Almost everyone now has a smartwatch – so why not take favor of it? Announce the “Walking Challenge Month” that presupposes every team member pays a small participation fee and send the screenshot of the number of steps made within a day. A team-winner who likes long-distance walking will get pleasant leather personalized gifts such as dopp kits or makeup bags. Gained budget goes for charity.

A “Product-Photo-Challenge” is also a great option. The procedure is almost the same: every team member pays a small participation fee and post photos with the company`s product on social media with the defined hashtag. The team-winner gets cool gifts like personalized notebook covers. It`s beneficial for everyone – the company has free advertising, employees are entertained, they feel the competitive spirit, and the earned money can make someone`s life better.


For sure, we offer high-quality corporate gifts – just pick up the desired product, mention the monogram for personalization, and define the number of gifts. What about the price? Cooperation, cooperation, and only cooperation. More about corporate gifts here.


Do you find these ideas useful? Or, perhaps you have your own tips on how to organize an unforgettable corporate event?