Why does the color look different from what I ordered?
Well, it happens. But don't think it was a mistake from our side. We always carefully check every order before shipping. If you've got a leather good and it has a different shade, there are two reasons for that. First of all, it depends on personal ...
Why is my leather item transferring color?
We prefer leather processed with organic dyes that originated from oak, chestnut, mimosa, and other plants. That's an eco-friendly method of leather tanning. Yet, on the first days of wearing a vegetably-tanned leather item, you can notice a slight shedding...
Why does my leather item get marks, and how can I remove them?
A distinctive feature of Crazy Horse leather is the “vintage texture” of the front surface – that is the feature of getting a variety of scratches, roughness, and scuffs from minor contact with hard objects. If you see scratches on your leather item, ...
How should I care for my leather items?
To ensure your favorite leather item will serve you for good, you should take proper care of it. Regard simple guidance on care for goods made of different types of leather
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