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Quality And Comfort First

All Hidemont leather accessories for pets are made of durable leather and finished with solid hardware to guarantee long-lasting, safe wear, and give an exclusive, classy touch to the daily style. Thanks to lightweight, soft, and supple texture, the pet collars are extremely comfortable, so puppies and kittens that aren’t used to wearing them, won’t even notice the accessories on. Quality material is harmless for pets, resistant to stretching, and easy to care for.

Choose the Accessories to Fit Your Pet

Find the best accessories for active dogs that can make a big difference for you. Leather dog poop bag holders guarantee picking up after dogs is a breeze, and leather ball holders let you carry a ball hands-free after funny games. Hidemont leather leashes have an ergonomic “non-burning hands” design for you to enjoy every mile traveled together and have the best experience in teaching dogs to walk on a leash.

Keeping pace with the evolving world of fashion, we ensure our dog accessories are in vogue and up-to-date: AirTag compatible collars and bowtie collars are the latest designs.

Breakaway cat collars are the best choice for active felines as they unclasp if cats get caught on something, while a classic leather cat collar with a belt buckle works better for more peaceful cats that don't tend to get into trouble. Discover more tips on how to choose cat collars and how to teach your cat to wear a collar.

Special Accent For Your Special Pet

Personalized leather pet accessories will add a lovely accent to the daily routine or festive occasions. Our pet collars come with ID tags and nameplates in different designs to highlight your dog’s and cat’s distinctive character and let them explore the world with style and safety. Stainless steel nameplates and ID tags are laser-engraved, which means they are more resistant to corrosion and letter scratching.

Why would I use a dog poop bag dispenser?

There are some reasons why a leather poop bag holder is a must. A poop bag dispenser lets you have dog poop bags hands-free, clipping it to a leash or a bag strap. With a poop bag holder, you`re less likely to lose waste bags or forget them at home. It's also a good idea to store poop bags at home. Read more about why it's important to clean after dogs.

Is a leather collar better for dogs?

Genuine leather dog collars are the best collars. Leather is the most long-lasting, sturdy but soft material that is less prone to stretching or fraying around the edges. Leather collars for dogs are made of natural, breathable material to offer a lightweight design and prevent skin rubbing or hair pulling. Leather, also, gains a beautiful patina, making your dog feel even much more special.

How long does a leather dog leash last?

Quality leather dog leashes are the strongest and the most reliable leashes, tested to last for many years. They don't fray or crack. If the leather is cleaned and treated in a proper way, these handmade leather dog leashes are sure to remain durable for a longer time.

What type of collar is best for a cat?

A personalized breakaway cat collar with an engraved ID tag or nameplate is a must for curious pets. For safety reasons, it keeps important info like the cat's name and your phone number. Check Hidemont's collection of the handmade best breakaway cat collars with engraved ID tags.

How do I choose the right leather ball holder to buy?

Consider the functionality and quality of the ball keeper. A good ball holder provides enough space for a standard-sized tennis ball, and the holder can be snapped onto your stuff for hands-free walking. By getting a custom handmade ball holder, you`ll tell your dogs` favorite toys.